Everything You Need To Know About Made In Chelsea: Mauritius

'There was something in the water in Mauritius' says Sam Prince...

Made in Chelsea Mauritius

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The cast of Made in Chelsea have been spoilt with several sunny sojourns over the years, leaving the prestigious enclaves of Chelsea behind to experience idyllic locations overseas, such as Bali, Corsica and Sydney. And their next enviable stop? Mauritius.

While the majority of their trips have aired as Made in Chelsea spin-offs, the episodes filmed in Mauritius are weaved into series 27, as revealed in the teaser for next week's episode.

Here is everything we know about Made in Chelsea, the Mauritius edition.

When is Made in Chelsea Mauritius airing?

Made in Chelsea fans will be able to watch what went down in Mauritius next Monday (20 May) at 9pm on E4, or stream after on Channel 4.

It is unclear how many episodes will be based in the subtropical locale, but all is likely to become clear once episode seven lands next week.

What happens in Made in Chelsea Mauritius?

E4 dropped a teaser trailer on socials last night (13 May) and based on that alone, we are in for a real treat.

Emily Blackwell has a conversation with Freddy Knatchbull about Jasmine Saunders, who up until this point we've seen dating Miles Nazaire. Freddy has made no secret of his affection towards Jazz and his wariness regarding her exploring a connection with Miles.

Referring to Freddy and Jazz, Emily says, 'I would love you guys to be together. I think you're so sweet.'

The next snippet focuses on a conversation between Freddy and Jazz, in which he confesses, 'You are to this day, the best kiss I've ever had.'

Furthermore, Reza Amiri-Garroussi is entangled in a messy love triangle between his ex, Ruby Adler, and Tina Stinnes. In a heart-to-heart - which appears to be captured on London turf - James Taylor tells him, 'I want you to put all your eggs into one basket and give it a proper go.' It's unclear whether he was alluding to Ruby or Tina...

Later - again, seemingly in London - Reza introduces Tina to James and his wife Maeva D’Ascanio on a double date, but Maeva is not impressed. 'I think you're making a mistake right now,' she says to Reza.

Tina and Reza have a deep conversation off the back of the outing, where she says, 'When you date someone, you don't want them to be in love with someone else.'

Reza replies, 'You don't just uncheck feelings.'

The camera then shifts to a Mauritius scene with Sam Prince, Yasmine Zweegers and Sam Vanderpump, where Prince is heard claiming there was a 'vibe between Ruby and Tristan [Phipps]' on a particular night.

Likely to cause a stir owing to Reza and Tristan's tight friendship, the next extract unfolds at a dinner party, with Vanderpump saying to Ruby and Tristan, 'You two saying you're going to shag each other is just inappropriate.'

Ruby snaps, 'Don't chat s**t, 'cause I wasn't.' Tristan adds, 'Not in a million f**king years would there be anything other than friendship between Ruby and I.'

A huge argument then appears to develop on the beach between Tristan and Vanderpump. Tristan demands, 'Stop pointing your f**king finger at me boy,' leaving Vanderpump shouting, 'What are you gonna do?'

Which cast members will be in Made in Chelsea Mauritius?

As well as those who have landed headfirst into the Mauritius drama (which appears to be the majority of the Made in Chelsea cohort), newcomer Julia Pollard also features in the teaser trailer. She has been dating Tristan, so it will be interesting to see what she makes of the Ruby hearsay.

When was Made in Chelsea Mauritius filmed?

Our sleuthing has uncovered that it was highly likely to be March. That's when Tristan shared photos of him posing among palm trees, writing, 'Island boy', with the location as Sugar Beach Resort Mauritius. Sam and Yasmine also shared Mauritius content at the same time, with the couple previously telling Grazia, 'There was something in the waters in Mauritius. A very interesting episode.'

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