Made In Chelsea: Are Ruby And Reza Truly Meant To Be?

'10 years of feelings don't disappear completely.'

Ruby and Rez Made in Chelsea

by Millie Payne |
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Ruby Adler and Reza Amiri-Garroussi have a lot of history. After the couple joined Made in Chelsea in 2020, fans of the E4 reality show witnessed them hit several stumbling blocks in their relationship, until they finally called it a day in 2021 after 10 years together.

But as series 27 unfolds, the lines between their amicable friendship as exes and a rekindling romance have become increasingly blurred. What appeared to be harmless kissing and flirting between the pair during the recent preceding seasons has developed into a fully formed will-they-won't-they scenario - and fans are divided. The big question on everyone's lips is whether they are back together, but there's still plenty more drama to watch yet before we get our answer.

In last night's Made in Chelsea episode (Monday 6 May), Ruby broke down at a dinner party hosted during the cast's Suffolk retreat, after Reza confessed that he would choose to pursue Tina Stinnes over giving their relationship another shot. After Ruby confided in both Yasmine Zweegers and Tristian Phipps on separate occasions that she feels she might have let 'the best thing that ever happened to her' get away, she later calls Reza - who is out with Tina at the time - to meet. During a tearful interaction by the Thames, Ruby told her ex that she believes he is her person.

'I do love you romantically. I don't want to let you go,' she admitted. 'I don't think I ever didn't love you, and I don't want you to move on with someone else because I want to be with you.'

Rez replied by calling the situation 'sad', saying, 'All I ever wanted was to be with you. I don't feel that you genuinely want to move forward with me.'

He said he didn't know if it was 'ego' playing a part, and reflected on his experience watching her with another man for a year and a half.

After admitting he's found it tough to move on from her, he added of her own admissions, 'I think it's a moment-in-time thing for you. I think it's out of fear.'

While Ruby strenuously insisted her feelings were true and not down to ego, the pair decided to leave things there so they could process their chat. In the meantime, fans have been taking to X with their thoughts.

'Reza is making a mistake letting Ruby walk away' tweeted one viewer, to which someone replied, 'She doesn't want anyone else to have him'. 'It does appear that way at times, especially with the Bella [Sharpe, who Rez previously dated] situation,' said the original user. 'But I do believe that 10 years of feelings [don't] disappear completely.'

A third wrote, 'Ruby and Reza being transparent is making me emotional', while another fan was less optimistic: 'If Ruby really wanted to be with Rez she would've been.'

Are Ruby and Rez meant to be? Only time will tell, especially as they aren't - frustratingly! - giving anything away on socials.

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