Made In Chelsea: Meet Julia ‘Muffin’ Pollard

The nickname pays tribute to her 'sweet' personality

Julia muffin Pollard

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While season 27 will see fans wave goodbye to faces such as Olivia Bentley and Bella Sharpe, the newest instalment of Made In Chelsea will also see some fresh faces welcomed into the gang – with one of them being Julia ‘Muffin’ Pollard.

Yes, you heard us. Muffin.

Described as ‘loyal, cheeky and friendly,’ it’s said that Muffin will ‘always hold her own and stand up for what she thinks is right.’

Who is Muffin already friends with on the show? Where did she get the nickname Muffin? Here’s everything to know about Julia ‘Muffin’ Pollard, MIC’s newest recruit.

Who is Julia 'Muffin' Pollard?

Julia Pollard, most popularly known as Muffin on the hit E4 series, is one of the newest stars to join the 27th season of Made In Chelsea. A mere 21 years old, she’s joining Jack Taylor as one of this year’s youngest cast members.

Muffin Made In Chelsea

Why does Julia call herself Muffin?

Binky, Caggie, Vanders… the MIC crew love a nickname.

Born Julia Pollard, Muffin is merely a pet name the star has picked up for herself over the years. It’s said Julia got the nickname Muffin from her friends, who think the star ‘gives off super sweet energy.’  That said, she also isn't afraid to stand up for herself when needed.

Of course, a simpler nickname for Julia might have been Juls, but we guess there’s far less chance of bumping into another Muffin on those Chelsea dinner dates.

Where is Julia 'Muffin' Pollard from?

Muffin currently lives in Battersea, southwest London, which just so happens to be where fellow newbie Jack Taylor also calls home.

Although she now resides in London, Muffin is actually half Norwegian – revealing that her half Scandinavian heritage is 'a hit' with the men.

What does Julia 'Muffin' Pollard do for a living?

It’s not yet quite clear exactly what Muffin does professionally when she isn’t on MIC, however we do know how she likes to spend her spare time. It’s said Muffin loves going to the gym, meeting the girls for a cheeky Aperol, and partying and flirting with boys. Sounds like a great life to us!

Made in Chelsea newbies
Pictured: (L-R) Jack Taylor, Tina Stinnes, Zeyon Taylan, Julia Pollard 'Muffin' and Sam Vanderpump 'Vanders'. ©E4

Which Made In Chelsea cast members is Julia 'Muffin' Pollard friends with?

Muffin is already pals with Jazz Saunders, who joined the show last season. After meeting through mutual friends, the pair hit it off and have been close ever since.

Glancing at her social media, it also seems that she’s already friends with her now co-stars Ruby Adler and Imogen Bloom.

Is Julia 'Muffin' Pollard single?

Muffin is indeed on the market, having been single for the past year. While not much is known about her dating history, or indeed what her type is, Muffin is a self-professed flirt.

Luckily for her, there’s plenty of eligible bachelors in SW3!

Does Julia 'Muffin' Pollard have Instagram?

You can keep up to date with Muffin’s life over on Instagram @juliafp_, where her hair looks flawless in literally every. single. photo.

Made in Chelsea starts Monday 15 April at 9pm on E4. Stream on Channel 4.

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