Who Is Tristan Phipps? Everything You Need To Know About The Made In Chelsea Star

Is he still dating Olivia Bentley? Who knows..

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by Bonnie McLaren |

Seasons come and go, characters change - but one thing’s for sure on Made In Chelsea, there’s always guaranteed drama. One of the slightly newer members of the cast - honestly, sometimes we can’t keep up - is Tristan Phipps. Tristan was introduced to the King’s Road during series 16, and has had a rocky relationships with Olivia Bentley and Verity Bowditch.

Want to know a bit more about him though? Here’s everything we managed to find out about the star below, all in one handy place.

What does Tristan Phipps do?

While reality star is the obvious answer, Tristan has recently returned to his former job as e a walking safari guide, working at the Kruger National Park in South Africa. He's also worked as South Africa travel specialist and is a keen cyclist, boxer and skier.

How cute is he?

How old is Tristan Phipps?

Tristan is 24 years old, and will turn 25 in November.

Who is Tristan Phipps dating?

At the end of the last series, Tristan was dating Chelsea newbie and Toronto native Nicole Berry, but had a rocky on-off relationship with fellow co-star Olivia Bentley.

The couple were on the rocks, then they got back together after sharing a cute pic of themselves at co-star Ollie Locke's house. But now they have both removed all traces of each other on Instagram. Honestly, we can't keep up. On this season of MIC he has been flirting with new girl Nicole Berry much to Olivia's delight. He previously dated another MIC costar, Verity Bowditch (until she broke up with him and caused an almighty argument at the dinner table). He also dated another famous face, 2018 _Love Island_star Laura Crane. However, they weren’t to be - and split after nine months. He also used to go out with MIC's Ella Wills.

Where can I follow Tristan Phipps on Instagram?

If you want to join his other 135,000 followers, then look no further than @tristan.phipps. There’s loads of pics of him in the gym, and loads and loads of travel pics. Tbh, we kind of wish he had his life.

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