Sam Prince and Yasmine Zweegers: ‘We Talk About Kids And Marriage All The Time’

'A lot of people are slowly starting to get us as people'

Sam Prince and Yasmine Zweegers Made in Chelsea

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Sam Prince and Yasmine Zweegers' relationship has been far from plain sailing judging by scenes on Made in Chelsea. The couple had to face the furore from the majority of their cast mates last year, when it surfaced during that Corsica dinner party that they had feelings for one another, shortly after Sam and his ex, Inga Valentiner, had parted ways. Despite being presented with what felt like pretty hefty hurdles in the early days of their romancing, Sam, 26, and Yas, 24, have left their 'on again/off again' days well behind them, and are now happier than ever. When Grazia caught up with the couple ahead of series 27, we got the intel straight from SW3, as well as finding out how their relationship is progressing. Spoiler: very bloody well...

What can you tease about series 27 of Made in Chelsea?

Yasmine: I think among the drama, there's actually a lot of humour.

Sam: For me, the first episode is the funniest episode of Made in Chelsea, I think ever, to the point I watched it, and then I said to our producer, 'Can you send me that? I want to watch it again.'

Y: I think a lot has happened this series. I think for every cast member, something at some point in this series has been quite heavy and big. A lot of drama has been brought this series. I think although we've had a bit of drama this series, it's been a nice season for us. Well, some stuff happens.

S: It’s been drama free really, for us.

Will it be left on a cliffhanger like usual?

Y: We’re still currently filming so we’re not sure!

S: There are some really interesting new characters who have come on, given a lot and it's been interesting to watch that unfold. I’m more intrigued to watch the season back than I have been for a long time. I think this is an epic season.

Y: It’s nice to watch it back as well. Probably because we’re not in the firing line!

S: Everyone's so bloody funny. As much as I'm on the show, I'm a big fan of the show, especially the cast currently. I think it's everyone's bringing it, so we're super excited.

How would you say you’ve changed since the last series?

S: I think we've definitely matured as a couple, especially from Sydney. We've come a long way. There's so much happening in our relationship, which I never thought would happen. It's been a dream come true in so many ways. I'm generally really happy. It's been great.

Y: I think we came out of Sydney thinking... obviously, we loved each other and stuff. But I think it was never stable. We're not just together because we like each other or because there's so much drama among us getting together. We're actually trying to build things together - the next step in our relationship.

Is there an element of wanting to prove the doubters wrong?

S: Absolutely not.

Y: At the end of the day, we don't want to prove [anything] to other people. But I think initially, people didn't quite get it. A lot of people are slowly starting to get us as people. Because we got with each other in such a dramatic way, of course no one at the time would understand. But we've been through a lot. Of course, there are still people that absolutely hate us.

S: The first time around, it wasn't quite right. There's been a few times where it hasn't been quite right for me and Yas. But we’ve found our happy place now. That's not because we're trying to prove people wrong. I can sit here and genuinely say that I'm super happy.

Sam, you mention marriage in episode one - do you picture all the exciting milestones together?

Sam: Yeah, I do. We talk about kids and marriage all the time, it's suddenly not a scary thing anymore, it’s more exciting. After Corsica, we were nowhere near those chats. Even after Sydney, [the last season] we were nowhere near those chats.

Yasmine: We didn’t really find our balance with one another. I think now it’s just different. We've both grown up a little bit.

S: I think we’ve always had that attraction there. I know it's so cliché to say, but we spend a lot of time with each other – working, also - and we are the best friends. I think our relationship really works because we're just best mates as well. Our chat isn't all lovey-dovey. It’s the first time ever I could sit in front of someone and just giggle the whole time.

Y: We’re very similar.

S: We're both Taurus’s. Sometimes it feels like I'm looking in the mirror. We have this thing where we go out for dinner and people are like, "Oh, you’re siblings!"

Y: People think we’re brother and sister all the time.

Have things become a little more civil with Inga?

S: We’re not going to answer.

Y: Sorry Millie.

What can you tease from filming in Mauritius?

S: There was something in the waters in Mauritius. A very interesting episode.

Y: We had the best time.

S: We sat and giggled whilst…

Y: The drama unfolded in front of our eyes. It's amazing how a couple of drinks on a sunny island can change a lot.

S: Some people will definitely not be going back to Mauritius.

The sunshine can send people wild…

Y: I think it's like being on holiday, you don't care about anything. Having a few drinks, you forget almost what's going on around you. You forget that, 'Oh God, whatever you're going to do on holiday... it's going be shown nationwide.'

S: Just going away in the sun with all your best mates... Something's bound to happen.

Do you get nervous when it starts to air?

S: It's almost like the public are reliving what you've been through already. Sometimes you can get a little bit nervous for sure.

Y: Definitely nervous. Also, you almost forget exactly what was said and what happened. You see what everyone else has said about you or what you've said about someone else. It's like, 'Oh god I can't remember what I said months ago about that person.'

S: I think when you're having those heated discussions with a friend that you've fallen out with, or [you're] in a relationship, I sometimes leave that situation, go home and can't remember what I said because you're just so heated in that moment, so it's very interesting to watch back.

Are you surprised Liv [Bentley] has taken a back seat? Do you hope she makes a comeback?

S: Liv’s amazing. She’s an incredible person. She's done it for so long. I think just potentially [she's] in that next stage. Last time I heard, she's doing amazing. She’s super happy. I don’t know, maybe one day, she seems really content.

Y: I actually don't know if she'll come back. I have no idea. We don't know. But I think she's doing great.

Do you still see yourself doing MIC in years to come?

Y: I think we're very fortunate. We wouldn't have met if we weren't on Made in Chelsea. I've not really thought about that. I think we're kind of living in the moment.

S: I've thought about it massively. We'll see. I think my time is definitely coming... I don't know about Yas but my time is coming. My time is coming... I don't know. We'll see what happens.

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