11 Hair Straightening Brushes That Really Do Work

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by Emma Stoddart |

Whenever a product promises speed and ease, we pay attention. And the latest hair tools making waves in the beauty industry do exactly that. Enter: the hair straightening brush.

Much like any normal hairbrush, these tools are packed with bristles that gently comb through hair to detangle knots. The point of difference? They heat up (normally in a matter of seconds) to straighten and smooth strands, too. And unlike some straightening iron counterparts, these brushes won’t clamp your hair with scorching heat. Instead, they use a hair-friendly temperature that won’t cause too much damage. Some will even dry as well as straighten, saving you even more time in the morning. What’s not to love?

Whether you're after a quick hair fix, eager to maintain the health of your hair or simply fed up of concealing burn marks – a straightening hairbrush could be for you. To help make the decision easier, we’ve narrowed down the best hot tools out there so you can wave goodbye to bad hair days…


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Best Hair Straightening Brush
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This brush is worth every single penny. It heats up to peak temperature in just 90 seconds and takes approximately three minutes to style a full head – which saves a lot of time in the morning. The results? Straight, smooth, sleek hair that looks fresh out of the salon.

Best Hair Straightening Brush
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This hard-working hot tool not only straightens hair, it dries it too, cutting out even more time from your morning routine. Simply towel dry your hair and squeeze out any excess water before running this brush from root to tip to dry, straighten and detangle. Finish with the cool shot setting to really bolster shine.

Best Hair Straightening Brush
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If it's volume you're after, look no further than this 2-in-1 oval round brush. The flat side smooths hair and adds a little volume, while the curved side gives a lotta volume and curls the ends to give that Gisele bouncy finish. We're sold!

Best Hair Straightening Brush
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Boasting three heat settings and the fastest heat up setting of just 25 seconds, this tool really is great bang for buck. Oh, and it massages your scalp whilst you brush... dreamy!

Best Hair Straightening Brush
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Yes, it's expensive. But this chic straightening brush is extremely hair-friendly. The silicone bristles around the edge protect the scalp from the heat. And all the bristles deliver a nutrient-rich formula to the hair when it's at its most receptive (hot). Expect 'your hair looks healthy' compliments...

Best Hair Straightening Brush
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This wide paddle brush with curved edges is great for not only smoothing and straightening hair, but also waving ends if you turn the brush inwards.

Best Hair Straightening Brush
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Perfect for travelling, this compact hair brush weighs next to nothing and can easily fit into carry-on luggage or a gym bag. Don't be put off by the small size as it's still powerful - straightening a full head in 3-5 minutes.

Best Hair Straightening Brush
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With four different attachments engineered to curl, wave, smooth or volumise - this expensive tool is a worthy investment. To see the impressive results, just turn to social media where there are plenty of video tutorials documenting amazing before and afters. If it's straight hair you're looking for, try the 'soft smoothing brush' which gives hair a smooth, not flat, finish.

Best Hair Straightening Brush
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A good size for thick or long hair, this paddle brush straightens hair quickly and controls frizz.

Best Hair Straightening Brush
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If you're not convinced a heated straightening brush is for you, give this affordable tool a whirl. At just £29, it's a total steal and promises to detangle, condition and smooth strands. It also boasts anti-static technology and will control frizz. A no brainer!

Best Hair Straightening Brush
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Instead of that flat, poker-straight look straightening irons achieve so well, this brush will smooth out hair and leave some volume for a more subtle, natural look.


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Do hair straightening brushes really work?

They do really, truly work. Granted, not every hair straightening brush is made equal but choose a tool from this gallery above and you will not be disappointed. The majority are built with different heat settings so you can find the right temperature for your hair type. If you're blessed with thick, long hair - a higher heat might be required to really smooth out the length of your hair. Our top trick? Go slowly from root to tip on each section, this way you won't need to go over the hair again and again.

Can I use a straightening brush on wet hair?

Always check the instructions first as it's not a given that a hair straightening brush can dry hair too. Some, like the Revlon Pro Collection Salon One Step Hair Dryer & Styler, £49.99, can dry, straighten and detangle in a single stroke. While others are designed to straighten and smooth dry hair only.

Which is best: hair straightening brush or flat iron?

It really does depend on what look you're after. If you want that poker-straight, flat finish - a flat iron would be the best option. But, if you want to keep some volume and have a softer, more natural finish - a hair straightening brush is for you. We've definitely spotted a growing trend for the latter with so many celebrities and catwalks showcasing more natural, undone hair-dos.

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