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Nothing rivals that feeling you get after leaving the hairdressers with a fresh, bouncy blow dry. However, with the right tools, it is possible to recreate that voluminous, glossy 'do at home. First things first though: you’re going to need a good quality hairdryer.

The range of hairdryers on the market is slightly mind boggling (from the Dyson supersonic hairdryer to the trusty Babyliss hairdryer) so to help us on our quest to find the best hairdryer for 2022, we quizzed Sam Burnett, Owner & Creative Director of London’s Hare & Bone salon. Here, we asked him about what to look for when buying a hairdryer, how to find the best hairdryer for your hair type (whether it's curly, straight, fine or thick) as well as his top tips for achieving that salon-worthy blow dry...

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Best hairdryers - Dyson
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Summary: Yes it may cost an arm and a leg but it is totally worth the hype. A completely revolutionary design, Dyson spent $71 million developing their first beauty product. This involved testing 1,000 miles of human hair with 600 prototype dryers, and consulting celebrity hairdressers such as Jen Atkin. It paid off. It's six times smaller and three times lighter than your average hair dryer, has four temperature settings and three airflow settings, AND it cuts drying time in half.

best hairdryer - Babyliss
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Summary: A great addition to any kit, this hairdryer is lightweight, fast, and uses ionic technology. Simple, but effective.

best hairdryer - ghd
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Summary: ghd's innovative hair dryer is a godsend for taming frizz and flyaways. Ionic technology and a contoured nozzle provide an even airflow that delivers a smooth, shiny finish. Super light, you also won't experience that dreaded arm ache – no matter how thick or long your hair is.

best hairdryer - Cloud Nine
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Summary: The mastermind behind GHD, Robert Powls, also founded Cloud Nine. Amongst the line-up features this chic hair dryer which boasts anti-static technology, three heat settings and vitamin-infused ceramic heating elements to care for your hair whilst styling.

best hairdryer - Panasonic
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Summary: Frizz-prone hair? This one is for you. With a unique quick-dry nozzle, this dyer will leave you with shiny silky hair in a matter of minutes.

best hairdryer - Remington
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Summary: With an advanced conditioning ring infused with coconut and UV filters - you can blow dry your hair while protecting it. Double win!

best hairdryer - H2D
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Summary: After a new hair dryer but don't want to splash the cash? Turn your head to this affordable yet brilliant hair dryer with advanced ionic technology to seal cuticles for that 'just conditioned' feel.

Best hair dryer - Remington
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Summary: If you're fed up with flat hair then this may be the solution to all your hair woes. Lightweight and compact, this hairdryer will not let you down in the power stakes and it's a more budget-friendly option, too. Use the diffuser if you wish to enhance your natural curls or waves.

best hairdryer - Revamp
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Summary: Featuring two speed settings and four heat settings, personalise your blow-dry to suit your hair type. Ionic jet technology also creates negative ions which will neutralise static on the hair, smoothing the cuticle, and adding shine.

Parlux PowerLight 385 - Purple Hairdryer
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Summary: Powerful yet extremely light, your arms will not get tired trying to dry your hair with this dryer. Plus, the eco-friendly technology ups its green credentials.

best hairdryer - ghd
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Summary: GHD may have found fame thanks to its superior straighteners, but the brand also makes excellent hairdryers. 'The GHD AIR is also a favourite of mine as it has ionic technology, great airflow and dual wattage so perfect if you plan to travel,' Burnett told us.

best hairdryer - T3
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Summary: With its advanced ion generator-enhanced technology, this compact hairdryer guarantees faster, healthier and more beautiful results.

best hairdryer - Tresemme
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Summary: As well as excelling at making hair products, TRESemme also makes a pretty decent (and affordable) hairdryer. Offering ionic technology, excellent heat distribution and multiple settings this one is a winner.

What is the minimum wattage you should look for when buying a hairdryer?

'The minimum wattage I recommend is 1800 W as anything below this will struggle to give you the power you need for a successful blow dry,' advises Burnett, 'most professional hair stylists will use a hairdryer with watt ranging from 2100w to 3600w.'

Is it important to have a cool setting on your hairdryer?

The cool setting is a great tool that is often overlooked. 'It can be used to speed up setting a bouncy blow dry. It is also fantastic for breathing life into a straight finish – simply blast the cool air through the mid lengths and ends. Bouncy or curly styles will benefit from cold air being blasted on the roots to loosen up the style and create movement and a more lived-in look, a great way to ensure your style has a modern laidback finish.'

The cold air setting can also be used to effectively spread anti-humidity, shine or hair sprays through the hair offering different finishes, textures and results.

Do you need a hairdryer with ionic technology?

'Yes! Hairdryers with ionic technology are the ones used by hairdressers, so to stand a chance at achieving a salon standard blow dry, it is a must have,' states Burnett. Why? ' The negative ions dispensed by the hairdryer work with the H20 on your damp hair speeding up the drying process, and this in turn gives you healthier and shinier hair.'

Can you explain which nozzle we should be using for what?

No nozzle: 'this is best for hair that is naturally smooth and sleek and achieves a natural result with texture and body.'

Large nozzle: 'this is best for medium-thick hair that needs controlling and for big bouncy blow outs'

Small nozzle: 'this is best for thick, frizzy or curly hair which you can blow smooth and/or straight.'

Diffuser: 'this is another option for wavy hair and curls. Best used on a slow spread setting, it will encourage curls to bunch together and give you more bounce and less frizz.'

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Is it worth investing in an expensive hairdryer?

'Yes. Low budget dryers might not use up-to-date ionic technology so this will slow down the blow-drying time and limit the control you have. They also often have nozzles that are too wide making it impossible to control fly always.'

What are your top tips for creating a salon-worthy blow-dry at home?

  1. 'Always angle your hair dryer down the hair shaft even when you want to create body. This action smoothes hair cuticles giving you healthier and shinier hair.'

  1. 'Be careful not to let the nozzle touch your hair. Hold it a few millimeters away to protect your hair from damage and breakage, plus you will get a smoother result that lasts longer.'

  2. 'Invest in a good quality dryer, heated styling tools and the right styling products and remember hair health should be your main priority. Healthy hair is easy hair!'

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