Love Island 2023: Everything You Need To Know About Whitney Adebayo

Whitney has earned her place in the Love Island hall of fame

Whitney Adebayo

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There's no denying that Love Island 2023 (2.0) got off to a very strong start back in in June, and became one of the best series we've seen in years. On day three we were introduced to Whitney Adebayo - our first female bombshell and second bombshell overall, who entered after Zachariah Noble - and we immediately fell in love with her.

Whitney went from strength to strength through out the series, and was even voted the public's favourite couple with her partner Lochan Nowacki at one point, but sadly - despite being a fan favourite to win the show - she wasn't able to keep the momentum going and ended up coming in second place.

Who is Whitney Adebayo?

Whitney Adebayo was the first female bombshell of the Love Island 2023 series - second bombshell overall - entering the villa in episode three.

Who was Whitney Adebayo coupled up with on Love Island?

Starting off her Love Island journey with a date with Andre Furtado, Whitney was soon coupled up with Frenchman Mehdi Edno and things seemed to be going well at first. It soon became clear however that the pair had completely different personalities and were probably better suited as friends.

Following Mehdi's dumping from the villa alongside Mal Nicol, Whitney briefly set her sights on Zachariah, but it was in Casa Amor that she finally found what she was looking for: Lochan. Whitney and Lochan seemed to hit it off almost immediately, becoming the mum and dad of the villa - known for both their wisdom and wit (and let's not forget their apparent smugness according to Ella Thomas).

Did Whitney Adebayo win Love Island?

Shocking a lot of viewers, Whitney and Lochan were pipped to first place by Jess Harding and Sammy Root and instead finished series ten as the runners up.

We will say this of second place though... there are more second place _Love Island_ers still together than first place _Love Island_ers, so maybe it's not such a bad thing.

How old is Whitney Adebayo?

Just like our first bombshell, Zachariah, Whitney is 25 years old. Whitney's birthday is in November and she is a Scorpio.

Where is Whitney Adebayo from?

Whitney is an entrepreneur from Camden Town in London. She runs a successful wig business - something she quickly announced to the girls when she first arrived, leaving them very impressed.

What is Whitney Adebayo's Instagram?

You can follow Whitney on Instagram @whitbrownsx and by the looks of her pictures she's ready to embrace the influencer lifestyle.

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