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Olivia Bentley: Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Photographer From Made In Chelsea

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Liv is sprinkling sass around SW10 like confetti

Made In Chelsea's Olivia ‘Liv’ Bentley is one of our favourite characters in the show, but if you're not familiar with her, let us refresh your memory...

Olivia was the super arty nude photographer who has transformed into a full-blown, strawberry liqueur sipping, ‘dahling’ dropping Made In Chelsea-ite we can’t get enough of every Monday evening.

We love her so much that we've done some research on her (in a totally non-creepy way) and brought you everything you need to know about Olivia Bentley.

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How old is Olivia Bentley?

She was born in 1995 which makes her 23. Her birthday is the 26 August, so she's a Virgo. (Much like Beyoncé).

Where did Olivia go to school?

She went to school at the £28,000-a-year Bradfield College, a boarding school in Berkshire.

What’s Liv Bentley's net worth? How is she rich?

It’s estimated to be around £600,000, which is a lot more than I’m worth. 600k more actually.

Ah, Bentley? Is she anything to do with the chap behind Bentley Motors?

Liv claims to be the great-great-great granddaughter of the founder of Bentley Motors, however, the brand has denied this. I reckon this could be a great Jeremy Kyle spin off. LIE DETECTOR TIME.

What does Olivia Bentley do as a job?

She photographs people in the nude. Proper, dead fancy arty photography. All in the buff. It takes balls to take photos of balls. (#LOL)

Where does she get her hair done?

Olivia sometimes wears clip-in extensions (which look hella great) and these were done by Tatiana Karelina.

The guys over at Tatiana Karelina told us how they created her look: 'For Olivia we created a number of on-trend hairstyles, most of them involved fitting our clip-in braids for extra thickness and length of the braids: Boxer Braids, Double braided buns, Braided top knot, Long sleek ponytail – all party proof hair. The secret to festival hair is all about low maintenance. Making sure the hair looks great several days in a row with limited facilities'.

They look soooo natural! Wondering how she reaches this level of Rapunzel without a tell-tale hair clip? It's all down to the 100% Russian hair used, apparently. Make a note pronto.

Who are Olivia Bentley's family?

Kate and Keven Bentley. Liv also has two sisters, Athena and Kinvara.

What happened with that cocaine incident?

Woah straight in there mate! No dilly-dallying! I almost admire your directness. Olivia was suspended by e4 bosses for taking the class A drug at a house party last September.

Who is Olivia Bentley's boyfriend?

Up until just a few weeks ago, Olivia Bentley was dating fellow co-star Digby Edgley and they were very much in love (exept when they, ahem, weren't: this was very much an on-off affair). However, things move fast in the borough of Chelsea, and the couple have since parted ways (in the final episode of Made in Chelsea: Croatia, FYI). Liv's parting words? 'This is going to sound outrageously savage, but I think you love me more than I love you.' Sigh...

Olivia Bentley and Lewis Bloor

Would ya believe it: Olivia was dating TOWIE's Lewis Bloor! Yes, really, the pair uploaded indentical photos of them looking very cosy on their Instas (the 2017 way to confirm your in love in Celebville) they have also been spotted snogging at a London party. Oooh we love a cross reality TV romance.

Olivia Bentley and Fredrik Ferrier

Liv was dating Fredrik Ferrier (who is so fit, I need an icepack on my forehead every Monday night so I don't explode into an assortment of guilty lust). He literally the cross between Prince Charming and a Scandinavian warrior who makes villages out of cardboard and a few stray sticks.

However, Fred crossed Liv's boundaries by texting his friends about Mimi Bouchard saying 'who is that girl, she's cute?' Uh oh.

Olivia Bentley and Francis Boulle

Liv was dating Francis Boulle in Series 12, but things disintegrated into baring blue ticks on Whatsapp and nothingness when Francis decided to up the anti in helping save the endangered pangolin. Fairs. Liv also ruffled Tiff's feathers in Series 11 by announcing she used to sleep with Sam Thompson. As she aptly put it, 'we used to bonk!'

What happened with Olivia Bentley and Julius Cowdrey?

The pair used to be inseperable (and Julius was first introduced to the wonderful world of Chelsea by Liv) but things have since turned incredibly sour. Julius has been saying mean stuff about Liv and hinted that she was 'easy' (NOT OKAY) and Julius reckons she's well jealous of his and Ella Willis' relationship. Liv point-blank denies she's well jel and is fuming that he would be mean about her.

The plot thickens.

What's Olivia's Twitter handle?

It's @LivBentley1 and we can only assume the one stands for NUMBER ONE BITCHES.

What's Olivia's Instagram?

It's @oliviabentleyk and is a glorious mix of face masks, sassy quotes and OOTDS. Get following for inspo a-plenty.

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