The Crown’s Season Five, Explained

Who's in the cast? When is it out? Is there a trailer? Here's what you need to know.

Imelda Staunton

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The Crown's most recent season was one of the highlights of last autumn's TV schedules, and cleaned up at award season. It received all seven gongs in the drama categories as the Emmy Awards this year. Emma Corrin, Olivia Colman and Josh O'Connor all took home a win. So naturally we can't wait to see what happens next. Sure, we could open a book and find out what's in store for the royal family, but fictionalised versions of events are far, far more interesting, don't you think?

So, while we await further announcements, this is all the you need to know about The Crown Season 5, including the cast, release date and if season 6 is really cancelled.

What is The Crown Season 5's release date?

Netflix recently announced that we can expect season 5 in November 2022! Our Season 5 Queen Imelda Staunton broke the news. Watch her share the highly anticipated announcement below:

Who will play The Queen in The Crown Season 5?

Getty Images
Imelda Staunton ©Netflix

Imelda Staunton, Oscar-nominated star of Vera Drake, will take over the role of The Queen from Olivia Colman. 'I have loved watching The Crown from the very start,' she said. 'As an actor it was a joy to see how both Claire Foy and Olivia Colman brought something special and unique to Peter Morgan’s scripts. I am genuinely honoured to be joining such an exceptional creative team and to be taking The Crown to its conclusion.’

Creator Peter Morgan said, 'I’m absolutely thrilled to confirm Imelda Staunton as Her Majesty the The Queen for the fifth and final season [see more on that claim below] taking The Crown into the 21st century. Imelda is an astonishing talent and will be a fantastic successor to Claire Foy and Olivia Colman.'

We have now caught the first glimpse of Imelda in her royal attire filming a scene for series 5.

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Imelda Staunton The Crown series 5 ©Getty Images

The cast were spotted in the Scottish fishing village of Macduff where the HRH Queen Elizabeth famously visited in 1961. However, series 5 covers the reign of 1990-2003 therefore, the Scottish location is said to be a stand-in as they recreate the 2003 visit to Belfast.

Imelda Staunton The Crown series 5
©Getty Images

Other actors photographed on set alongside Imelda included Andrew Havill - who was captured wearing a grey suit. The role he is set to portray in the upcoming season remains unknown.

Andrew Havill The Crown
©Getty Images

Who will play Prince Philip in The Crown Season 5?

Actor Jonathan Pryce, known for The Two Popes, The Wife, Evita and Tomorrow Never Dies, will do the honours, taking over from Tobias Menzies. 'The positive experience I had making The Two Popes has given me the confidence to tackle the daunting prospect of playing Prince Philip,' Jonathan said.

Who will play Princess Margaret in The Crown Season 5?

Lesley Manville
©Getty Images

Esteemed British actress Lesley Manville takes the role from Helena Bonham Carter. ‘I could not be happier to be playing Princess Margaret’, she wrote in a statement shared by The Crown’s official Netflix account. ‘The baton is being passed on from two formidable actresses and I really don’t want to let the side down. Furthermore, to play siblings with my dear friend Imelda Staunton will be nothing short of a complete joy.’

Who will play Princess Anne in The Crown Season 5?

Claudia Harrison was spotted in character filming alongside Imelda Staunton, who is starring as Queen Elizabeth II. Claudia will be reprising the role after Erin Doherty's portrayal in season's three and four.

Who will play Prince Andrew in The Crown Season 5?

The Primeval and Cutting It actor, James Murray will reportedly take on the role of Prince Andrew. Murray will be replacing Tom Byrne, who played the prince in season 4.

Previously, a representative from the Crown was forced to deny reports that the show were 'struggling' to cast an actor for the role.

Who will play Prince Charles in The Crown Season 5?

Dominic West, star of The Affair and The Wire, picks up the mantle from Josh O'Connor, confirmed by Variety in April.

The Crown have provided a sneak peak of Dominic as Prince Charles.

Who will play Princess Diana in The Crown Season 5?

The Night Manager actress Elizabeth Debicki will play Diana in the final few years of her life. 'Princess Diana's spirit, her words and her actions live in the hearts of so many,' Elizabeth said in a statement. 'It is my true privilege and honour to be joining this masterful series, which has had me absolutely hooked from episode one.'

New images showed fans a glimpse of our new Princess Diana

Princess Diana

The internet went into a frenzy after images on Elizabeth wearing Diana's ICONIC revenge dress were released... and rightly so, we thing they've nailed it, what do you think?

Who will play Camilla in The Crown Season 5?

According to reports, Olivia Williams will do the honours of playing the mistress of the Prince of Wales.

Who will play Penelope Knatchbull?

As well as many cast replacements, new characters like aristocrat Penelope Knatchbull, Countess Mountbatten will appear in season 5. Stepping into the role of Prince Phillip's confidante is Californication and Designated Survivor's Natascha McElhone.

Who will play John Major in the Crown Season 5?

Jonny Lee Miller - star of Trainspotting and Elementary and the ex-husband of Angelina Jolie, will do the honours, as per a new announcement:

Who will play Tony Blair in The Crown Season 5?

This is yet to be confirmed, but reports claim that Fleabag's Andrew Scott has been chosen for the role. Watch this space, though, the casting of Jonny Lee Miller as John Major suggests we won't be meeting Tony for a while...

Who will play Dodi Fayed in The Crown Season 5?

According to a source at Variety, actor Khalid Abdalla hs been cast as Diana's boyfriend, Dodi Fayed. He was an Egyptian film producer and the son of billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed who was killed in the tragic crash alongside her. Salim Daw (Oslo) will portray Dodi's father.

Is there a trailer for The Crown Season 5?

Hold your horses. We've only just had our release announcement.

Will there be six seasons of The Crown?

Initially, Peter had said that he would write six seasons of The Crown, before changing his mind. 'At the outset I had imagined The Crown running for six seasons but now that we have begun work on the stories for season five it has become clear to me that this is the perfect time and place to stop. I’m grateful to Netflix and Sony for supporting me in this decision.'

That said, he changed his mind back: we will be getting six seasons after all. Phew.

What will be covered in The Crown's Season 5?

Season 5 will cover the tumultuous 1990's. We will see the John Major government years, the turmoil of Princess Diana and Prince Charles marriage breakdown and maybe even the the tragic death of the beloved Princess. Our season 5 wish list lays out our dreams for the next season...

Will Season 5 of The Crown depict the Martin Brashir and Princess Diana Interview?

The Independent reported that the show will recreate the famous Panorama interview with Martin Brashir and Princess Dianna in 1995. This bombshell interview sparked headlines worldwide as the Princess referred to the Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles affair. Her famous words, ' there are three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.' sent shockwaves through the royal family and beyond.

The Daily Mail recently reported that Prince William is 'frustrated' by the show’s decision to dedicate an entire episode to the Panorama interview. While we don't know the in's and out's to the episode, just the idea of it has apparently annoyed the Prince. He previously slammed the BBC for it's 'deceitful measures' to secure his mother interview with Brashir. At the time he expressed in a statement, 'It is my firm view that this Panorama programme holds no legitimacy and should never be aired again. It effectively established a false narrative which, for over a quarter of a century, has been commercialized by the BBC and others.

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