Made In Chelsea: Who Is Harvey Armstrong Dating Now?

Will he ever learn?

Harvey Armstrong

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In order to be a Made in Chelsea cast member, you have to make drama your lifestyle. But for some people, such as long-term cast member Harvey Armstrong, that comes more naturally than others.

Harvey, 28, joined the cast in 2019 and has caused more than his fair share of heartache. He's dated everyone from Sophie Habboo and Emily Blackwell to Willow Day and new girl Lauren Sintes. He's also kissed Inga Valentiner, slept with Liv Bentley and recently slept with someone Reza Amiri-Garroussi was seeing, causing a rift in their friendship. And just when you think he might have learned from his mistakes, he makes the same ones again.

If the latest series of Made in Chelsea is anything to go by, Harvey has found himself at the centre of another love triangle and both Willow and Lauren (and probably Harvey) are bound to get hurt. He just can't help himself!

But who has Harvey Armstrong actually dated on Made in Chelsea? And is he dating anyone now? We've got the answers for you.

Are Harvey Armstrong and Willow Day back together?

After the most recent episode of Made in Chelsea, it's clear that Harvey and Willow's romance is well and truly over. They started dating in series 25 after Harvey's entanglement with Imogen Bloom (more on that later) and things seemed to be going well.

Willow kept her wits about her (or the wool over her eyes) for several months, but after spending most of their time side by side in Corsica, she understandably thought their fling might be going somewhere. Wrong! When home time rolled round, Harvey was quick to remind Willow that he's a lager entrepreneur and his work rarely leaves him with any spare time – especially not for any sort of commitment.

Back in London, during the latest episode, things unravelled as Harvey called time on their situationship during a night out. He said he was sorry to hurt her but had never promised her anything and said, 'look at how upset you are now, in a few months it would have been even worse'. Then he swiftly moved on to her new friend Lauren.

Is Harvey Armstrong dating Lauren Sintes?

As far as we know (on the show), yes Harvey and Lauren – a model from America who has known some of the cast for years and has previously dated Harvey – seem to be dating. After new girl Lauren found out that Willow allegedly called her 'low rent', she decided Harvey was fair game and the pair hooked up on a night out at Raffles nightclub.

The next day they went on a date so that Lauren could try Harvey's infamous beer, and from next week's preview it looks like their romance continues. However, the cast are currently in Sydney filming the winter series of the show and it looks like Lauren and Reza might be getting quite close too. As always, we can't keep up but we know they like to keep a close circle...

When did Harvey Armstrong date Imogen Bloom?

Harvey dated the iconic and short-term cast member Imogen Bloom in series 25. They seemed to be moving at very different paces and it all came to a head on the show – Harvey wanted to call time on their romance and Imogen wanted something more serious. Imogen wasn't very happy about it.

As Harvey started dating Willow, Imogen moved on to Temps. It sounds simple but then everyone realised that Imogen still had feelings for Harvey and was potentially using her relationship with Temps to make him jealous, which Temps wasn't best pleased about. Anyway, all the above couples have now split up. Who's shocked?

When did Harvey Armstrong date Emily Blackwell?

Most notably, Harvey was in a relationship with Emily Blackwell for more than two years on the show. They even shared a flat together – a place that was often the scene of alleged cheating rumours. One of which proved to be true and caused them to break up at the start of 2022.

For a while, Harvey denied that anything had happened, but Emily was handed the receipts and when he finally admitted it she dropped him like a hat. She is now happily coupled up with Jordan Alexander and has taken a step back from the show, only to appear as a guest cast member on occasional episodes. Harvey has spoken openly about how much he regrets the way their relationship ended and how he has struggled to meet anyone else since.

When did Harvey Armstrong date Sophie Habboo?

And, of course, the start of Harvey and Emily's relationship was far from plain sailing either. In fact, Emily was living with Harvey's ex-girlfriend Sophie Habboo at the time. Although Sophie and Harvey had long been broken up and Sophie was already with her now-husband Jamie Laing at the time, it understandably caused a rupture in their friendship.

For a while, the pair weren't on speaking terms and Harvey and Emily's romance was condemned by several people in the group. However, time heals all wounds and everyone grew to accept what had happened. Emily and Sophie are also friends again – with Emily and her new boyfriend Jordan attending Sophie and Jamie's wedding in May.

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