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Made In Chelsea's Sophie Habboo: Here's Everything You Need To Know About The One And Only 'Habbs'

We've got everything you need to know about Made In Chelsea's Habbs, aka, Sophie Habboo, aka BFF of Frankie Gaff. Right down to where to shop her incredible wardrobe.

You'd think we'd be pretty used to the rolling conveyor belt of Made In Chelsea cast members by now, but every time a new face joins the fifteen season old gang down in one of London's fanciest boroughs, we're just as excited as we were way back when we first met a young wayward Jaime Laing. At this present moment in time though, we're super keen to get to know Sophie Habboo. You may know her as 'Habbs'. As in Habbs is short for Habboo. Like what they did with Georgia Toffolo's nickname. It's all very much that 'this is the name I had written on the back of my hockey kit back at my posh university sports team' vibe, but I digress...

Sophie Habboo hasn't been around all that long but she's certainly made her mark - and she's now one of a handful of MIC cast members to decamp to Hvar in Croatia for the summer. She was Alex Mytton's girlfriend for a bit (and then not, for a bit), but beyond that she also has an entire, IRL existance outside of that precious hour of telly content. Curious? So were we. Here's what we managed to uncover.

How old is Sophie Habboo?

I’m the queen of digging, I have dug where no woman has dug before. Could I find out Habb’s birthday? Why yes, I could: our pal Habbs reportedly celebrates her birthday on 19th October, and is 24 years old.

Where does Sophie Habboo live?

Creepy question, we know. But interestingly enough, Sophie's family are apparently from Leamington Spa in Warwickshire, but she now lives in London.

What's Sophie Habboo's Instagram?

Duh, doesn’t everyone want to know this? Her Instagram following is 40k strong and evidently growing - being on Made In Chelsea can do that.

You can follow her over on @HabbooSophie. Just be prepared to be filled with all the Instagram envy. Beautiful holidays, perfectly shot outfit pics, repeated evidence of living the best of social media lives... it's all there and she's smashing it. Sigh.

What's Sophie Habboo's job?

When she’s not strutting the streets of Chelsea, her Instagram keeps her busy ‘influencing’ and whatnot. She advertises products from the likes of Very, Abbott Lyon Watches and Freddy Jeans. Not to mention all the events and general glossy life living.

How to shop Sophie Habbo's Depop

So, alongside social media influencing and being on Made In Chelsea and stuff, Sophie also also has her own Depop shop and yes, everything is snapped up pretty quickly. But if you wanted a chance to dress like a reality TV star, it's right there waiting for ya. Her username is @sophab121 and all the stuff she's selling is actually more reasonably priced than you might imagine.

What Do Sophie's Parents Do?

Well, now you're asking. After some extensive internet investigating, it seems Sophie's mum is self-employed and her dad Is a partner and founder of a management company for executive industries. She’s also got a younger sister, called Georgia, who’s a makeup artist.

Where Did Sophie Habboo go to university?

Sophie spent her uni years sipping on trebles at Newcastle University. She graduated in 2015 with a degree in Media Communications and Cultural Studies as it happens, and told The Tab that she's a former resident of Castle Leazes halls which, if you're remotely au fait with the student hall hierachy - hall-erachy? - at Newcastle, is hardly a surprise (Princess Eugenie stayed there, after all). Sophie went to uni with fellow MIC cast mate and friend Clementine 'Clemmie' Cuthbertson, who graduated with a degree in sociology.

Sophie Habboo and Sam Thompson

So, are they? Aren't they? To paraphrase Ronan Keating, Habbs and Sam's sort-of, on-off relationship is a rollercoaster, just gotta ride it. Whatever's going on between the pair, it certainly makes for good TV...

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This article originally appeared on The Debrief.