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13 Polka Dot Pieces That'll Make You Want To Embrace This Trend

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You can blame Yayoi Kusama if you like – the Japanese artist whose polka dot covered mirror installations were cluttering up your Instagram feed last year – but polka dots are absolutely everywhere this season.

And we mean everywhere. From the catwalks, where white and blue dotty fabric covered Balenciaga’s impossibly sharp heels, to the reverse blue-with-white itsy-bitsy polka dotted blouse on the high-street at Scandi brand Monki – polka dots are the print of the season.

And while they can look a little bit silly and infantile – thanks in no small part to everyone’s favourite high-heeled wearing rodent Minnie Mouse – you can avoid looking like you’re doing a shift at Disneyland Paris by avoiding super feminine silhouettes.

Instead look out for clean lines, sharp tailoring and even vaguely masculine silhouettes. Which isn’t to say that both dresses and frills are to be avoided altogether, rather that they should only be mixed at your peril.

And steer away from red backgrounds too, looking instead to more sophisticated colour palettes. The brown jumpsuit from Mango is a case in point, tailored and 1930s looking, it’s a bit like something that the heroine in an Agatha Christie Poirot novel set on the River Nile might wear. While the only way you would get Minnie into it would be if she was on safari, and even then, we can’t imagine her veering from her signature frilly silhouette.

So there you have it. But if you're still confused about which dots are appropriate, take a look at our handy shopping gallery below...