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French Connection Have Just Released FCUK PLASTIC T-shirts To End Plastic Pollution

This weekend, you can show your commitment to a truly #plasticfree lifestyle in a very 2018 way, with a political fashion statement. That’s right, as part of World Recycling Week, French Connection have partnered with Plastic Oceans Foundation to release a range of FCUK PLASTIC t-shirts.

A nod to their iconic 90’s campaign, the FCUK PLASTIC T-shirts come in both Women’s and Unisex styles, both white with the slogan ‘FCUK PLASTIC’ sewn onto the front. Priced at £30 each, French Connection is donating 20% of the sale price from each T-shirt sale to Plastic Oceans Foundation, the UK’s first plastic pollution charity.

Made entirely from cotton, the brand side-stepped using plastic at every process of the T-shirt construction. With 100% cotton thread and 100% cotton care label, the t-shirt was even dyed using a plastic free pigment. The card swing tags were attached using natural cotton string and each t-shirt will be packaged in a paper bag.

In partnering with Plastic Oceans Foundation, the T-shirt sales will help fund the endless efforts the charity faces in tackling plastic pollution. Launched in 2009 by Jo Ruxton and Sonjia Norman, the charity released Netflix documentary A Plastic Ocean back in 2016 to rave reviews.

The heartbreaking documentary followed journalist Craig Leeson as he discovered the alarming truth about plastic pollution, with 5 trillion tons of plastic estimated to be floating in our oceans, and detailing solutions we can implement immediately.

Following the film’s release, the foundation began education workshops for schools to integrate in their curriculums and sustainability programmes to reduce single use plastic and change overall behaviours by valuing plastic higher. Also funding scientific research into understand plastic pollution and how to solve it, in turn informing policies for the Government to implement, the charity hopes to continue these efforts with the new French Connection campaign.

It’s with this in mind that political fashion becomes more than just an Instagram tool to show that you’re #woke. When your funding charities that actually tackle the problem, you can rest assured that your style statement is more than just a shallow nod to important causes. Supporting a campaign encourages more brands to do so, and hopefully inspires greater percentages of profits to be handed over to the charities in need.

If you want to make this weekend’s payday purchase a political one, the t-shirts are in stores now and available online here.