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Which Foundation Brush Is Right For You?

foundation brushes backstage at fashion week © Getty Images

So, you've finally discovered your perfect foundation: congratulations! Now, it's time to hunt down the tools that will give you a flaw-free base. Finding a foundation brush that works with your favourite product and your skin type is not always easy. From the classic angled brush to the perfect buffing brush via the cult favourite Beautyblender (which is actually a sponge - keep up!), we bring you a fuss-free guide to foundation application. No streaks allowed...

Foundation brush types: what you need to know...

What's the best foundation brush to cover up acne and imperfection?

Apply a fuller coverage foundation to acne-prone skin using a tapered foundation brush - it's precise enough to target problem areas. You can then use a stippling or buffing brush for a smoother finish, distributing the foundation evenly to ensure that product doesn't gather around marks or scars.

What's the best foundation brush for dry skin?

Applying foundation to skin that's prone to dryness is all about the preparation. Make sure you've worked regular exfoliation into your skincare routine (one or twice a week will certainly suffice - any more than this and you risk exacerbating the problem further), whether that's with an AHA wash or powder exfoliant. Apply primer to cleansed skin before using a stippling or buffing brush to apply a base from our edit of the best foundations for dry skin. 'I love to add a drop of MAC Prep+Prime Essential Oil, £21, onto a buffing brush before applying my foundation to achieve a more dewy effect,' recommends Debbie.

How should you clean your foundation brushes?

When was the last time you attempted to clean your arsenal of make-up brushes? We're guessing it was much, much longer ago than it should have been. To prevent the build up of bacteria, brushes should get a deep clean every month, but it needn't be a chore. Consult our expert guide to brush cleaning for step-by-step advice.