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Are you on the hunt for cool and trendy nail designs? Look no further than the captivating allure of baby blue nails. As the warmer months draw near, the soothing hues of baby blue perfectly reflect the vibrant and refreshing vibes of the season, making it a hot summer nail pick and get ahead of the game. But don't just take our word for it. Celebrities and nail experts alike have joined forced to crown baby blue nails the hue of the moment.

In fact, experts say, while blue manis are a traditional pick for winter, it seems the versatile shade is already making a spring breakthrough. Google searches for ‘baby blue nail designs’, ‘ocean blue nails’, and ‘pastel blue nails’ are all up by a whopping 5,000%, in the last month.

The uptick has led experts like Tinu Bello, celebrity manicurist and senior Mylee ambassador, to dub the colour one of the hottest shades for SS24. 'Whether you’re an advocate for navy blue, or you’re set on a stunning sapphire, blue is an incredibly versatile colour which pairs perfectly with any outfit. Not to mention, that it’s ideal for all occasions, whether it’s a holiday, night out, or baby shower! As for what your blue mani says about you – well, it really depends on the shade. A darker blue or navy evokes confidence, sophistication and class, whereas a lighter, brighter blue is more fun, cute and flirty.'

Bello has dubbed baby blue nails a trending nail colour for the season. 'It's a classic for good reason! Baby blue is a stunning shade that mirrors the beautiful sky on a sunny spring day – and who could say no to that!?' She notes there are nuances within this one single colour alone, such as uber-light shades or more sky blue tones, and recommends her top nail colours for achieving baby blue nails below.

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'For a lighter shade of baby blue, you’ll love this powder, pastel blue shade. This shade in particular is complemented by both whites and silvers for those who prefer nail art. It’s also a perfect base for floral art'

'For more of a sky-blue, try this, a shade with no limits. You’ll feel like you’re up in the clouds with this mani! If you want to come down closer to earth, pair with other pastel shades to create an ice-cream theme, or alternate between numerous pastel French tips.'

Celebrities have backed the delicate colour, too. If you keep in the know of Hailey Bieber's many beauty moves, you'll know she sported her stylish Tiffany blue manicure on the gram last year and sent fans into a spin for swapping out her signature glazed donut nails for something cooler. Similarly, the summer of 2023 saw the rise of the blueberry milk mani trend, which saw baby blue take centre stage, with the likes of Dua Lipa, Zendaya and Sofia Richie sporting the hue in a big way.

Whether you're in search of a subtle every day flex or eye-catching nail art, we've curated a collection of Pinterest-worth baby blue nail designs that will undoubtedly elevate your manicure game. Soft and serene, from mini BIAB sets, extra long acrylics and everything in between, we invite you to browse our beauty editor approved baby blue nail designs.


The Best Baby Blue Nail Designs

Classic Baby Blue

Capture the summer essence by incorporating floral designs into your baby blue nails. This set can even be carefullyDIY'd at home.

baby blue nails

Baby Blue Chrome Nails

This is what content creator Sydney refers to as 'it’s giving Cinderella at the ball,' we couldn't agree more.

baby blue nails

3D Nails

This here is what you call nail art, loaded with glittery tips, gems and embellished with golden butterfly trinkets, it is anything but ordinary and takes baby blue nails to a new level.

baby blue nails

Heart Motifs

After something more simple, try this elegant take which features French tips and a single, delicate baby blue heart on the ring finger.

baby blue nails

Micro Mani

Calling all minimalists! This micro manicure has your name on it. A perfect choice for someone who is strictly into BIAB designs.

baby blue nails

Baby Blue Pick 'N' Mix

Freestyle nail sets are always the best, by incorporating small studs and rhinestones you can add a touch of sparkle and glamour to your nails.

baby blue nails

Extra-Long Blue on Blue

For those who love to play with length, screenshot this nail design below.

baby blue nails

Double Blue Mini French Tip

French tips will never get old and this inspo picture is just an example of it. This look can be achieved with gel polish.

baby blue nails


Green or blue? Either way this is a gorgeous shade to add your nail board. We can't get enough of different nail shapes, especially square shaped nails.

baby blue nails

The Floral Mani

Mix it up with baby blue tips and floral motifs.

baby blue nails

Negative Space Mani

Mix it up and coat some nails in a block of baby blue and others with negative space swirl art for a modern take.

baby blue nails

Image credit: Instagram @cest_the_nail

The Reverse Mani

For the faintest nod to the trend, try this take on the traditional French manicure, which features reversed tips around the cuticle lines as well as other funky iterations.

baby blue nails

Fairy Nails

For an otherwordly take on baby blue nails, check out manicurist Iram Shelton's iteration, which features gemstones, negative spacing and flex of shimmer.

baby blue nails

Spring Floral Nails

Bring together two shades which Mavala’s nail expert, Lynn Mason, has dubbed the top shades for spring - blue and pink. 'Pastel shades are always synonymous with spring, and they are popular for good reason. Mani shades I think will be on top this spring are pastel blue and purple shades, and a soft baby pink, particularly with a glossy finish.'

baby blue nails


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