Glazed Doughnut Nails Are This Summer’s Biggest Trend

Hailey Bieber has us all obsessed with chrome powders

glazed doughnut nails

by Laura Capon |

It appears that no one is more obsessed with glazed doughnuts than Hailey Bieber. Not only did she use them as a prop for her new skincare brand campaign, but she's now taken the Krispy Kreme admiration from her skin to her nails.

In case it's entirely passed you by, glazed doughnut skin is the term that's been coined to describe the kind of impossibly glowy complexion Hailey sports on the daily.

Now though it's not only Hailey's cheeks that sheen like a ring donut.

We know how hard it is to pick a colour when you're sitting in the nail salon, clearly Hailey has the same trouble as she explained her signature manicure began after she requested her own custom concoction.

When Hailey gave up the recipe created by her manicurist Zola Ganzorigt, every TikTok girlie rushed to recreate it and thus the glazed doughnut trend began.

Essentially the look is a sheer white base with a shimmery metallic topcoat, very much like a box of classic 12 Krispy Kremes. But the specific concoction is: One coat of OPI's Funny Bunny - Clear top coat - OPI Chrome Powder in the shade Tin Man to finish.

Watch Hailey Bieber's manicurist recreate her glazed doughnut nails

It's not just the TikTokers rushing to recreate Hailey's manicure either, both Vanessa Hudgens and Euphoria's Sydney Sweeney have tried it too.

While Vanessa went for the classic pearly shade as you can see below:

Sydney switched up her chrome topcoat for a duo chrome that gave off a purple hue in certain lights.

Watch TikTokers recreate Hailey's glazed doughnut nails:

While we are frantically trying to book an appointment with our salon to try this summer's biggest nail trend, Hailey has already switched it up and of course we're once again torn on what colour to go for.

Don't worry, she's sticking with the glazed doughnut theme, but she's made the colour a little spicier. So while the chrome remains, the sheer white base has been switched for a sheer neon yellow.

I just hope our local nail salon has been bulk buying chrome powders because we all know how a TikTok viral moment goes.

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