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M.A.C Is Reissuing This Cult Highlighter-Foundation Hybrid After 10 Years

© Mac Cosmetics

Back in the day - before Instagram, before Twitter, when the internet was 80 per cent cat memes and 20 per cent MSN Messenger - people used to converse on forums. In these dark times, make-up obsessives would gather and compare fastidious notes on cosmetics with strangers across the globe. There was one item that dominated this world, that surprised the community when it was #cancelled. Called Hyper Real, it was a hybrid foundation-highlighter by Mac Cosmetics. People wrote odes to it. And, after a decade of waiting, the people are finally getting what they asked for: it’s come back from the dead.

As part of M.A.C’s new summer collection Super Beam, which includes 18 luminising products, Hyper Real (£26) is now available in four shades - Gold FX, Violet FX, Rose Gold FX and Bronze FX. With the coverage of a foundation and the holographic shine of a highlighter, it boasts a pearlescent finish. For a fully highlighted complexion, dust on the new finely-milled Iridescent Powder (£25) in either Golden Bronze or Silver Dust.

For the eyes, a new Dazzleshadow Liquid (£16.50), which is available in 10 shades, adds a celestial touch. The glossy finish of the new Grand Illusion Glossy Liquid Lipcolour £18) gives a final futuristic hit to this cosmic collection.