7 Surprisingly Genius Beauty Lessons Love Island Has Taught Us This Year

From lip cleavage to the best hairspray

love island beauty lessons 2022

by Laura Capon |

While we don't quite know how much we've learnt about dating, watching Love Island all these years has given us some of our all-time favourite beauty tips.

If it wasn't for ITV2 and Dani Dyer we'd never have known that blowdrying your eyelashes was a thing or that a bun could break the Internet (looking at you Molly Mae), but what have we learnt from this year's Islanders?

Well for a start we already have an entire list of tips, tricks and product recommendations from Gemma Owen. Pretty sure we hadn't heard of the term 'lip cleavage' until 2022 thanks to her.

Meanwhile Tasha's been reviving long lost '00s trends we forgot all about (along with out Groovy Chic bedding) and no one has been allowed to take one particular beauty item into the villa at all.

Yes, we could make you find and read through every Love Island beauty article we've written, but we know you're pressed for time, so why not put them all in one place.

So if you wanted to know the latest trend in lip villas, what affordable eyeshadow palette went viral and how the hell Ekin-Su keeps her hair so shiny under that boiling Spanish sun, you've come to the right place.

The Beauty Lessons Love Island Has Taught Us In 2022:


7 Surprisingly Genius Beauty Lessons Love Island Has Taught Us This Year - Grazia 2022

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Never had we ever heard the term 'lip cleavage' until Love Island viewers started commenting on Gemma's lips. Some thought it was a split, whereas others thought it was the ultimate pillowy pout. Hello even spoke to Dr Raj Arora who speculated it might actually be from lip filler and a method which involves placing a thin thread between the lower teeth and pulling it down over the lower lip. The filler is then injected strategically around the thread to cause a “cleavage” ala Angelina Jolie or should that be ala Gemma Owen.

beauty lessons love island 2022
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When it comes to hairspray, it's easy to assume that everything is much of a muchness, but if Love Island has taught us anything this year, it's that not all hairsprays are created equal. Whether you're looking to do a slicked back pony, tame flyaways or want one your boyfriend can steal, it has to be got2b's Glued Blasting Freeze Spray.

love island 2022 beauty lessons
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If you haven't heard of 'gym lips' before you clearly are a much more productive individual than us and aren't plagued with a TikTok addiction. All the Love Island girls have been loving the trend of lining your lips with a neutral colour and filling in with a healthy shade of gloss. Their product of choice? Always Fenty Beauty and for Ekin-Su it has to be the Gloss Bomb Dip Clip-On Lip Luminizer.

love island beauty lessons 2022
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From the minute Indiyah stepped into the villa with her cute, slicked back high ponytail and contrasting blonde and black hair, we knew the iconic '00s trend was not only back, but looking better than ever.

beauty lessons love island 2022
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Boots is the sponsor of this year's Love Island, which means the Islanders have more choice than ever when it comes to what products to use. But despite all the options, the two palettes that both Gemma and Tasha have favoured has been the 17. Eyeshadow Palettes which cost just £5.

love island beauty lessons 2022
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In case you didn't know, make-up wipes are banned in the Love Island villa due to the excess waste they produce and if you're a wipe addict, the Islanders might just convert you to micellar. The girls have been spotted sharing Nivea's Energy Micellar Water which is not only a quicker and more gentle way to remove your make-up but also a more sustainable option.

love island beauty lessons 2022
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Hailey Bieber started it with her glazed doughnut nails and Tasha took it further with her metallic ones. Yes, cream polish is officially relegated for the first time in what feels like years and in its place are shimmers, metallics and dare we say it, glitters. If you're looking for silver mani inspiration look no further than Tash.

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