Gym Lips Is The New TikTok Trend Taking Over The Love Island Villa

We have make-up artist Kelli Anne Sewell to thank for this

Gym Lips

by Laura Capon |

In case you missed it, TikTok is currently obsessed with the 'clean make-up' look and from that a new micro trend has been born: gym lips.

If you need help filling in the blanks, clean make-up is essentially 'no make-up, make-up'. Think natural, glowing skin thanks to some targeted concealer application and groomed, feathery brows.

In the clean make-up world matte does not exist and this goes for the lips too - gloss has finally made its long-awaited comeback.

Natural-look full and glossy lips are part and parcel of this aesthetic, and props to make-up artist Kelli Anne Sewell who gave this lip look its catchy name and trending hashtag.

In a recent video Kelli shared that she started 'gym lips' on her Instagram and it quickly spread to TikTok where it began trending.

'So I started this thing on Instagram called gym lips and it's basically an over-lined lip that I wear to the gym that's really natural,' explained Kelli.

Sharing how to get the look, Kelli said, 'the key is to have a lip liner that is your lip colour.'

Once you have over-lined your lips and filled them in with the liner, just add a hydrating lip treatment, Kelli's favourites are Summer Fridays and Laneige.

Clearly it's a trend that's catching on in the real world as well because John Lewis report that they have seen lip treatment sales increase by +49% versus last year.

Their most popular product? Dior's Lip Glow Oil which has seen an incredible +1,000% increase in sales in the shade 001.

Now you know what a gym lip is, be prepared to see it everywhere including celebrities like Hailey Bieber who have nailed the healthy glossed look.

Gym lips is the new make-up trend taking over TikTok
Hailey Bieber demoing the ultimate gym lip ©Instagram/Haileybieber

But it's not just Hailey, as the trend grows more and more TikTok users are trying it out and honestly it really is the one summer beauty trend everyone can not only get involved in but that everyone is almost guaranteed to love.

Did you tune into the first episode of Love Island last night? Almost every female contestant was sporting their own version of 'gym lips'. Prepare to see the trend take off in a big way this season.

Watch: TikTokers Try The 'Gym Lips' Look

Thankfully with lip products seeing such a rise in sales post covid, we're spoilt for choice when it come to 'gym lip' options.

So whether you want a good old nourishing lip balm or tinted glossy oil, you're sure to find the ultimate combo in our edit below.

Main image credits: TikTok @alixandriacaparelli @lawlessbeautyofficial @sophloafy

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Gym lips is the new make-up trend taking over TikTok - Grazia 2022

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