Love Island’s Tasha Just Revived This Long-Forgotten 00’s Beauty Trend And We’re 100% On Board

No more boring nudes

Tasha love island metallic nails

by Laura Capon |

If your Pinterest board is full of combat trousers and tight sleeveless tops, you'll be pleased to hear that the '00s revival is moving to not only include your wardrobe, but also your nails.

While nail art has boomed in recent years, the finish of our chosen polish hasn't. You might have experimented with the odd matte design here and there, but there's no denying that cream is king of the manicures.

However, if you were watching last night's Love Island, you might have spotted Tasha's nails as her and Andrew took on the baby challenge.

Taking us straight back to the days where our bedrooms weren't complete without a CD rack, Tash's nails were a frosted shade of pale green.

It's been a long time since we've painted with any shade of metallic polish, but with the obsession with Hailey Bieber's glazed doughnut nails, it shouldn't surprise us that these finishes are back in fashion.

This glazed trend has also seen the revival of pearlescent shades, which previously were resigned to your Grandma and also sees the return of chrome, which is a nail salon service that boomed in the 2010s.

A chrome finish in salon involves brushing an iridescent or metallic powder over the nails and sealing with a top coat. But of course, you can metallic nails at home with a polish.

It really does feel like the Euphoria make-up effect has reached every element of our beauty routines now, so of course why not our manicures?

If you wanna make like Tasha and get ahead of the revival early, you can shop our favourite metallic polishes below.

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