10 Unexpectedly Brilliant Beauty Lessons Love Island Has Taught Us Over The Years

From how to take care of our lashes to an unexpected spot solution you can buy in the supermarket, enlightening is an understatement

Love Island Beauty Secrets

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Believe it or not, not a season of Love Island passes us by without bestowing a few handy beauty tips, and we're sure this year's much anticipated eighth season will be no exception. Do you remember Montana Brown dotting her face with Sudocrem every night before bed in season three, for example? There was beauty-know-how-loaded method behind that apparent madness. While Sudocrem has no proven effect in warding off breakouts or fighting spots that are just starting to appear, its healing properties - it's packed full to the brim with zinc - mean that it's a game changer when it comes to putting those spots that you've squeezed or picked back on the road to recovery.

And then there was Molly Mae's signature high bun that made headlines in season five. She even taught viewers have to achieve the look at home.

Watch: Molly Mae Reveals How She Styles Her Signature Love Island Bun

Then there was the clip of Dani Dyer blow-drying her lash extensions - proof that aftercare is everything - that went viral during season four. And each season, contestants prove that going barefaced is beautiful, even if you're a foundation addict or liner lover. You see our point. Multiple beauty hacks are there for the taking mid-Love-Island-episode. Tuck into our rundown of the Love Island's biggest beauty lessons and shop the must-haves, you won't be disappointed.

Love Island's Biggest Beauty Lessons Revealed


SEE: Love Island's Biggest Beauty Secrets

With Great Lashes, Come Great Responsibility
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Dani Dyer's dedication to blow-drying (yes...BLOW-DRYING) her lash extensions, was testament to the fact that attentive aftercare is essential to prolonging their fullness. Got a set applied? Arm yourself with a wealth of spoolie brushes, and though we wouldn't recommend necessarily blow-drying them, giving them a gentle brush through during the day will keep them looking tip top.

Barefaced Is Beautiful
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We know that Love Island beauties traditionally adore their glam time - quite frankly we live for those mirror-side conversations whilst they're preening pre-party - but they're also proof that bare is just as beautiful. The lesson? If you're on holiday and prone to reaching for your makeup bag each day, take a chill pill, and let your natural complexion shine. Need a bit of a boost still? Boost your glow and protect from the sun in one with Ultrasun's SPF 50 Tinted Face Cream, £26.

Buns Can Break The Internet
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Molly Mae sent the masses into meltdown with her super large bun that sat pretty at the top of her head most days in the villa. She finally gave in to the call and gave us all a tutorial on how to copy it, and would you believe, it's a twist-and-go jobby. Secure with a few kirby grips and your away. Boots Blending Grips, £1.50.

Lashes Are Everything
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It seems the key to looking good come what may on TV is boosting the flutter power of your lashes. Whether they were donning strip falsies, or had booked in for a set of semi-permanent extensions, the girls have consistently ensured they've upped the volume. Follow suit with a lash appointment, or make them occasion-wear with a set like Eylure London's Most Wanted in Gimme Gimme, £12.95.

Extensions Are Here To Stay
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Love Island contestant after Love Island contestant have proved that there's no shame in indulging in a few hair extension wefts to boost your volume, in fact we reckon the likes of Molly Mae are responsible for a serious surge in sales, proof that there's no way clip-ins are a phase. Indulge your craving and try them out. There are numerous brands to choose from, but Molly has lent her name to a tong with Beauty Works, implying that their versions could be a great first port of call.

Fake Tan Is The Safest Tan
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The contestants' love of the bottled bronzing stuff is proof that even if you're spending your days in a glorious amount of sun, there's no need to top it up the risky way. The contestants were visibly on it with the SPF and spent their evenings layering on the faux stuff. Try one of our favourites, St Tropez Self Tan Purity Water Gel, £33, to get a sun-kissed look without damaging your skin.

Sudocrem Is A Spot Solution To Consider
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Montana was a Sudocrem obsessive in the villa. Come bed time she cleansed before dotting any blemishes with the stuff, then hit the hay. Why? Sudocrem might not be able to stop spots from forming, but if you've popped or picked one (everyone does!), its healing properties (it's full of zinc) speed up the fading process - that's some serious know-how. Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream, 125g, £2.99.

SULA? There Is A Solution
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Now, Olivia Attwood may have puzzled viewers by using her roll-on deodorant across her upper lip, but there was method in her madness (before you ask, we're not advocating this - do not deodorise your upper lips!). Olivia's SULA (sweaty upper lip alert) struggle was quite obviously real, and she obviously didn't have any blotting papers to hand - the best antidote to the problem. Try these hero DHC Blotting Papers, £4.50, and you won't look back.

Brown Lip Liner Is Back
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Faye Winter proved, mid-season seven, that brown lip liner is back and here to stay. She even revealed her go-to - Collection's Lip Definer Pencil in Cappuccino.

Face Serum's Don't Have To Be Expensive
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Kaz used a budget-friendly face serum during her season seven stint, and claimed that it kept her shine at bay during the day. You can shop the Boots Glow Essence Serum, £4, in question, here.

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