The 8 Beauty Lessons Gemma Owen Has Taught Us On Love Island So Far

Lip cleavage is a whole new concept

gemma Owen love island beauty secrets

by Laura Capon |

Stepping into the villa, Gemma Owen was arguably the most famous contestant. After all her dad is footballer Michael Owen don’t you know.

After we all got over the initial name drop, Gemma has become a firm favourite in this year’s Love Island and we are all desperate to replicate every inch of her wardrobe and beauty routine.

From hunting down the gold bracelets she wears, to shopping her favourite dress label and of course finding the exact iconic sunglasses we’ve become obsessed with over the past few weeks.

Now we’re turning our attention to her beauty routine and have left no stone unturned from her make-up bag to her skincare products.

Want to know what’s giving her that glow? We go you. Wondering why everyone is talking about her lips? We have a theory on that. Want to buy her exact shade of brown lipstick? Step this way.

Best of all, as this year’s series is sponsored by Boots, Gemma’s current staples are all affordable. That lip liner that hasn’t left her side costs just £2 and her most expensive skincare product is less than £20.

So whether Gemma and Luca are the winning couple or not, at least someone (aka us) has got something out of this and we don’t just mean a new found appreciation for Michael Owen.


gemma Owen love island beauty secrets
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Pre-villa the islanders were given a skin scan with the No7 Pro Derm Scan Device. This gives your skin ratings out of 5 for wrinkles, hydration, oil and pores. Gemma’s skin was lacking glow so she was recommended to add No7’s Radiance + 15% Vitamin C Serum, £19.95 to her everyday routine.

gemma Owen love island beauty secrets
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If, like us, your make-up routine has become way more minimal post pandemic, Gemma’s chiselled cheekbones will encourage you to dig that long-forgotten contour palette out.
Her favourite is Sleek MakeUP’s Cream Contour Palette, £10.99.

gemma Owen love island beauty secrets
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When it comes to hair, apart from the odd sleek bun, Gemma doesn’t stray far from her signature middle part voluminous waves and why should she? Gemma clearly knows what works for her and her brunette locks, so why mindlessly follow trends?

gemma Owen love island beauty secrets
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When it comes to lashes, Gemma keeps it more on the natural side and leaves her mascara to add volume. In the villa she’s been spotted wearing No7’s Lash Extender Fiber Mascara which promises three times more volume with zero flaking or clumping.

gemma owen love island beauty secrets
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While we’ve become obsessed with Gemma’s deep brown lipsticks and glosses in the villa, her Instagram confirms she’s been a fan of the shade long before she boarded the plane to Mallorca. Thankfully Boots who have sponsored this year’s show confirmed Gemma’s exact lip combo of choice – Sleek MakeUP Matte Me in Shabby Chic, £6.49 Liquid Lipstick and 17.’s Lip Define Pencil Soft Liner in Rose Brown, £2.

gemma Owen love island beauty secrets
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After her ex-boyfriend Jacques entered the villa, viewers called out Gemma for “running” to put her make-up on, but we all know the transformative power that it can have. You can be happy in your bare skin but sometimes it helps to have that boost hidden in your make-up bag when you need it.

gemma owen love island beauty secrets
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After viewers were concerned that Gemma had a split in her lip, Hello spoke to Dr Raj Arora who said it might actually be from lip filler and a method called the ‘lip clevage technique’ which involves placing a thin thread between the lower teeth and pulling it down over the lower lip. The filler is then injected strategically around the thread to cause a “cleavage” ala Angelina Jolie.

Gemma Owen love island beauty lessons
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Boots is the sponsor of this year's Love Island, which means we get some bonus content. In a YouTube video on the Boots channel, Gemma and Tash showed their get ready routine for a night out, including the £5 neutral eyeshadow palette they both love.

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