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11 Of The Best Long-Lasting Foundations That Will Actually Last All Day

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'cause if you can’t rely on your base, what can you rely on?

Picture the scene - you've spent a good fraction of your morning painstakingly applying your foundation only to inadvertently side-eye a glimpse of yourself in the work loo mirror to find that every scrap of your make-up has evaporated. Where did your base even go? The same mystical place as your hair clips, socks and house keys, no doubt.

Thankfully there are some great long-lasting, full-coverage foundations out there that actually do last all day (and even make it to your post-work drinks).

Whether you are after a full, airbrushed coverage or a more natural look – we have rounded up the best long lasting foundations available to buy now.

Which foundations actually last all day? Which won't have worn off by your 3pm meeting?

Now, here are 5 foolproof tips to make your foundation last all day

Now you have settled for one of Grazia's recommended non-budging foundations, it's now time to become acquainted with some tips 'n' tricks to give your make-up the staying power. No-one wants to spend their lunch break massaging beige liquid into their face in the work loos, agreed? ## Tip 1) Use the right foundation for your skin type