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The Best... Foundations For Your Skin Type

To help save you time (and sanity) we have narrowed down the best foundation picks for different skin types so you can easily find your perfect match…

With so many different foundations on the market, searching for ‘The One’ can feel like an endless quest. From sticks, to compacts to mineral powders and liquid – deciphering what formula suits your skin type, offers the best coverage and matches your skin tone is not an easy task. One size definitely does not fit all – what may look great on your best friend might not work for you. So, we’ve spoken to the industries experts to reveal all their intel for finding the perfect match…

1. Best Foundation for Oily Skin

‘The most common complaint for oily skin is that ‘makeup disappears’’, says Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr Sam Bunting. ‘So avoid overly dewy foundations, as invariably these formulas end up moving around as oil reaches the surface of the skin’. Her top tricks? ‘Go for a higher coverage concealer or foundation stick to pinpoint conceal imperfections’. We rate Bobbi Brown’s Skin Foundation Stick, £32 which delivers full coverage without looking cakey. Makeup Artist, Lynsey Alexander says the best way to apply is to ‘draw lines down the center of the face straight from the bullet and blend out with a buffing brush like Mac’s #187’.

Pro tip: for on the go shine control, keep blotting papers close by. Try Dr Bunting’s favourite DHC Blotting Paper**, £4.50.**

2. Best Foundation for Combination Skin

Combination is the most common skin-type, and is characterised by ‘visible pores in the centre of the face where there is sheen due to oil production, but by contrast, pores on the cheeks are barely noticeable where skin is normal to dry’, explains Dr Sam Bunting. The secret to perfecting this skin-type is to treat each area differently. ‘Apply face powder down the centre of the face only – where the skin creates oil and leave it free from the cheeks and outer edges, applying just a cream foundation and luminizer here to create shine and moisture’ says Lynsey Alexander. Dr Bunting recommends Armani Luminous Silk foundation, £42 ‘it’s dewy and sheer giving just the right amount of coverage’.

Pro tip: ‘don’t be tempted to apply a load of base all over the face and powder everywhere on top – look at what each area needs an apply accordingly’, advises Lynsey.

3. Best Foundation for Dry Skin

‘For those with dry, sensitive skin a hydrating formula which is fragrance-free (so less likely to irritate) is a good choice’, advises Dr Sam Bunting. Her top pick? ‘EX1 Inviswear Liquid Foundation, £12.50 is super lightweight with a glowy finish’. Lynsey Alexander also recommends ‘Mac Face & Body, £26 which offers a cushion of moisture over skin’. Steer away from powder and matte formulas, as Dr Bunting explains ‘matte finish products will make skin look cakey or cracked as the day wears on, especially if you work in air-conditioned or centrally heated air’. So load up on moisturiser and opt for light coverage.

Pro tip: Keep a facial mist at your desk, like** Givenchy Mist Me Gently**, £25 for a refreshing, hydrating pick me up.

4. Best Foundation for Spot-Prone Skin

Any skin type can be blemish-prone, but it’s most common in oily and combination skin. ‘Those with spot-prone skin should seek out formulas that are non-comedogenic, meaning they are unlikely to block pores’ says Dr Bunting. ‘I think this skin-type is also best for skipping long wear formulas and powders altogether, as I find them to be problematic in this group’. Dr Bunting recommends Nars Radiant Tinted Moisturiser, £30 as it’s a winning formula and offers a great range of shades, ‘it’s one of the most versatile and flattering bases around’. Lynsey Alexander also recommends ‘for medium coverage without clogging pores I love YSL Touche Eclat, £25.50’.

Pro tip: ‘always try the foundation on before purchasing, as some bases oxidize and discolour after contact with skin’ suggests Dr Sam Bunting.

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