9 Contour Brushes To Help You Sculpt Like A Pro

9 Contour Brushes To Help You Sculpt Like A Pro

    By Rebecca Cox Posted on 15 Jun 2016

    The best contour brushes will make mastering the contour makeup trend dead simple. With the right angled contour brush your cheakbones will pop like Kim Kardashian’s and armed with the correct flat contour brush your highlighter will glow like Rihanna’s. It’s just a matter of finding the right tools for the job.

    First things first…

    What Is Contouring?

    This simple technique has been used by makeup artists for years, but it was only really made famous by Kim Kardashian. It’s the process of applying different shades of bronzer or foundation to enhance the facial structure.

    How To Contour Your Face

    Using a contour brush - angled, ideally - start by sculpting under the cheekbones and along the hairline (a bronze contour colour will give a sun-kissed look). But, you can also contour anywhere you want to create extra definition - think down the sides of your nose to slim or along the jawline or along the eye sockets. With your best contour brush, like those from Anastasia Beverely Hills, Bobbi Brown, Morphe or Sigma, add a darker shade to add a bigger dose of impact.

    Remember when you’re contouring that for every contour you create, a contrasting highlight will double the impact, so finish your look by highlighting along the cheek and brow bones and lightly across the forehead and nose to brighten your skin and give a radiant glow.

    While we never discourage a fingertip as a makeup applicator (especially that last finishing smudge for a natural finish), when it comes to contouring, a precision angled brush or applicator specifically designed for the job makes things extra easy.

    Which Contour Brush Should You Use?

    Shop our pick of the best options on the market. These nine contouring makeup brushes will make you the contour queen in no time at all…

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