The Best Hair Tutorials On TikTok That Really Do Work

From the bubble ponytail to heatless curls, you're going to want to try the LOT...


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As TikTok's popularity continues to rise stratospherically, it's becoming an increasingly handy go-to for the latest insider beauty tricks, DIY hacks, and tried and tested product reviews. Currently the number one category for views and follows, searching #beauty opens up a goldmine of 'how to' tutorials and challenges - launching some viral trends in the process.

After scrolling through quick and easy-to-follow videos, we've picked up countless tips and tricks, particularly in the hair department. So whether you're looking for a new cut, the latest trend to try, or a shortcut to professional results, we've rounded up the best hair inspiration trending on the app right now.

The Summer Scarf Up Do

A great option for mid-to-long hair, this scarf bun has us pining for our next sun-drenched holiday, but the pub garden will have to do. Simply loop your favourite silk scarf through a hair band, weave into a chunky braid and wrap around into a bun for a chic look that scores points for creative summer accessorising.

The Perfect Straightener Curls

Mastering the perfect loose curl with straighteners is not always easy, but thanks to TikTok there's now plenty of tutorials on the different ways to get the curl you want without rollers or tongs. Section hair, wrap around the plate and hold horizontally for a tighter ringlet, or vertically for a softer, diagonal spiral. Brush through to amp up the volume and finish with hairspray for an all day hold. It's as simple as that!

The Bubble Ponytail Braid

The bubble ponytail might just be THE style of the summer (we cant stop thinking about Griff's embellished XXL pony at the Brits). For a simple bubble pony, start by taming flyaways with a finishing cream (we loveLarry King's 'Flyaway With Me Kit') before staggering hair bands every few inches down. Think you've got the skills? Try Anisa Sojka's braid update by loosely braiding each section between bands for an intricate looking finish.

The Heatless Curls Hack

With over 530 million views on the hashtag, searches for how to achieve heatless curls have skyrocketed (think perfect curls without the heat damage). DIY hacks have ranged from the creative (using straws as curlers), to the downright questionable (wrapping your hair around a radiator pipe is dangerous as well as uncomfortable), but its the bath robe belt that seems to be racking up the most numbers for its gentle method and amazing results. Simply section damp hair into two, wrap around the belt and leave until dry (even better overnight) for beachy waves without atool in sight.

How To Cut Your Own Fringe

Now that salons are back open, getting a professional to cut your hair is always the best option, especially if you're looking for a new shape. But for the times between appointments when a quick tidy up is all you need,trimming your own hair needn't be too daunting. Following the guidelines of the stylist's original cut, section your fringe into three, twist and trim the middle section, then trim the two outer sections on the diagonal to frame your face. Remember to always go for longer than you would like - fringes have a tendency to spring back once you let go!

The Bella Hadid Bun


Bella Hadid has championed some of the slickest (and easiest to recreate) styles for off-duty cool. Her classic centre parted top knot only takes a hairband, two hair grips and some hairspray to get one of the most searched styles on Tiktok

The Seventies Blow Dry

70s hair tutorials have gone viral on TikTok in the last few months with the #70sChallenge filling our feeds with some major Farah Fawcett inspiration. Hermizhair shows how you can cut the retro curtain fringe to style into the Farah flicks, but you can also achieve the same bouncy layered waves by blow drying with a round barrel brush (we love GHD's ceramic brush), and finishing with tongs or rollers to curl hair from the parting back off the face.

Crochet Hair Extensions

Although not a new style, TikTok has given crochet extensions a new Gen Z following, particularly for how easy they are to do yourself at home. Using the same sort of method as you would to crochet textiles, the idea is to braid your natural hair and with a small hook, thread sections of synthetic hair through the braids before looping and knotting for instant length or volume. Not just a quicker way to install extensions, they are also a great protective style for type 3 - 4 hair that needs time torecuperate after damage.

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