The Best Curling Tongs And Wands To Buy Now

Shop the best curling tongs and wands in the business.

The Best Curling Tongs To Buy Now

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Curling tools are an absolute must for any hair obsessive, and as for the best curling tongs? And what about the best curling wands? Walk this way. According to a recent report, demand for hair wavers, curling wands, curling tongs, whatever you fancy calling them, has increased by a whopping 600% over the last year. It seems heat-styled curls and waves are well and truly in.

And luckily for you, the virtual beauty shelves are packed with curling tong choices, especially during sale season. It can be hard to decipher which curling tongs are worth an investment (especially when you consider any discounts in the mix). Whether you're looking to get Meghan Markle waves or Kate Middleton curls, you've come to the right place.

Grazia's Best Curling Tongs At A Glance:

Editor's Choice: ghd Classic Curl Tong, £149 - Buy on Sephora

Best versatile curling wand: ghd Creative Curl Wand, £149 - Buy on LookFantastic

Best multi-use curling wand: Refurbished Dyson Airwrap™ Multi-Styler Complete in Nickel/Copper, £369.99 - Buy on Dyson

Remember though, beautiful pro-level curls weren't always this easy to achieve. The tong options we were faced with back in the 90s and early noughties invariably saw us working through our hair laboriously, tiny section by tiny section (because the heat levels weren't high enough to tackle anything bigger) and afforded us a style that lasted a matter of hours.

Best curling wands: Amanda Seyfried attends the 2023 Met Gala
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New-gen curling tongs, however, have a heck of a lot to offer. Imagine large barrelled gems aimed at helping you cheat that perfect post-blow-dry look at home. Or: wands with tapered ends ensuring your style looks modern. It's all there for the taking, from a pro-favourite (ghd Curve Classic Curl Tong) to the refurbished Dyson Airwrap Multi-Way Styler. Behold our tried-and-tested pick of the bunch.

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Editor's Choice

If you're looking for true value for money with no compromise on results, this tool transitions seamlessly from a dryer to a styler in an instant. It's easy to use and gives salon-worthy hair every time you use it. No wonder it tends to sell out on a consistent basis. Whether you want loose waves, sleek and straight hair or the equivalent of a bouncy blow dry, this tool will let you achieve all of that without any fuss.


  • Easy to use
  • Works as a dryer, as well as a multi-styling tool
  • Two year guarantee included
  • Gives great results every time


  • Still an investment purchase

ghd Classic Curl Tong

Editor's Choice

ghd Curve Classic Curl Tong, £129
Price: £149

This one's a pro favourite, and for good reason. If you're after that classic glossy curl effect that lasts, this is the buy for you. If you're not great at using tongs with the clip, keep it down and wrap hair around the length of the tong as you would a curling wand.
The ghd Classic Curl Tong has a medium 26mm barrel, which creates smaller to medium-sized curls. It has a cold tip for ease of styling, with a place to put your fingertips, and a sleep mode after 30 minutes.

Review: "I'm so glad I bought the GHD classic curl. I have fine hair which doesn't hold a curl well, but with these, my curls held all day. It allows for versatile styling. The long barrel makes it great for looser curls whilst the width of it means you can get tighter curls if you want it. The coating is very smooth and when I pull my hair through it doesn't snag at all. Wish I'd bought them sooner!"


  • Heats up within 25 seconds
  • Suitable for use on all hair lengths


  • It is heavier than other curling wands.

Best versatile curling wand

Beauty editor Annie Vischer uses this every week. 'It's clip-free, which makes it super easy to use. It makes working through my long hair a breeze. You can take smaller sections to create tighter curls and larger sections for looser waves, the possibilities are endless.'

The ghd Creative Curl Wand is one of the most versatile curling wands, controlling the size of the curl - the wand ranges from 23 mm to 28 mm along the barrel.

Review: "This curler really does work well and helps my hair to keep shape much longer. Having very straight hair naturally, I could never get proper beach waves lasting more than a couple of hours. This curler was suggested to me by my hairdresser, and when she used it on me in the salon, I wore my curls for 2 days! Had to buy one myself straight away :) I use it in combination with the GHD curls spray as well, they work together perfectly."


  • It heats up in seconds for quick styling
  • Sleep mode turns the wand off after 30 minutes of non-use


  • It can take a couple of practice tries to use this on very long hair. If you can get past a fiddly beginner trial, you will soon learn the ropes.

Best affordable curling wand

With a relatively chunky barrel, expect loose, wide and 'undone' waves.

There are six different heat settings here that reach up to 210°C. We've found this BaByliss Titanium Brilliance Curls Tong heats up quickly too. You also get a heat mat and protective gloves alongside the barrel.

Have one piece of stubborn hair that just won't curl? Whack the heat up high and take it down a notch when you're done.

Review: "I decided to treat myself to this curling tong after years of curling my hair with a straightener or wand and never getting the look I wanted! The first time I used this, I got EXACTLY what I wanted, gorgeous bouncy curls and I looked like I had just stepped out of the hairdressers. It took me 30 minutes in total to get the look I wanted (20 minutes to curl my long, thick hair & pin each curl as I went, and 10 minutes to let them cool). After letting them cool I unpinned them, gave them a quick spray of hairspray, and gently brushed them out and I was over the moon. I would recommend this product and wish I had bought it sooner!"


  • Longer hair types will enjoy this curling tong; the length of the barrel is generous
  • The various heat settings mean that you can be precise with your heat distribution


  • Your curls will most likely relax into beach waves by day two

Best tight-curls curling wand

The latest offering from styling staple GHD is an ultra-thin, ultra-light, tight curls wand.

The smallest barrel from GHD means smaller, bouncy ringlet curls as opposed to soft waves. Topping at 185°C to protect hair from undue heat damage, the ceramic wand is finished with a high-gloss coating for sleek, smooth results.

Review: "I gifted these to my Mum who has short hair that is fine and difficult to hold a curl - these are a game changer for her. The tight curls were easy to create, and when brushed out and styled them, they give her body and volume that she hasn't seen from other tools - she was so pleased! I would highly recommend this magic wand!"


  • The automatic sleep mode switches off after 30 minutes without use
  • Create long-lasting curls


  • The small barrel limits you to tight curls of a certain size.

Best travel curling wand

Available in three different sizes, choose your tong based on the curl type you're after. If it's big, loose curls - opt for the large barrel, and if it's tight, springy curls - opt for the small barrel. Again, this Cloud Nine Curling Wand is clip-free and super easy to use.

There are heat settings ranging from 125-175°C, which means no unnecessary heat damage to your hair.

Review: "Love this curling wand, I got a very thick curly hair and I found it easy to use and the curls stay all day. I got a mid-length hair and it's a good size for my hair."


  • The barrel is 25mm which means it can be used to create different types of curls
  • Fast heat-up


  • The curls won't last as long as curls from more well-known brands such as BaByliss

Best curling wand for ringlets

This CHOPSTICK skinny styler is great for achieving mega-ringlets, no matter your hair type or length.

Designed with a slim, rectangular titanium barrel on which you wrap sections of hair around to create gorgeous mermaid ringlets, this ultra-skinny curling tong is great for creating ultra-tight curls.

Review: "I have now got two Chopstick stylers, this and the thinner barrel one, I love them both! So easy to use and great for creating tighter curls, I love the look even days later, they last for ages!"


  • With five digital temperature settings ranging from 120-210°C, the wand boasts a heat-up time of under 10 speedy seconds
  • It has a stay-cool tip which makes it easier to curl your hair without getting accidental curling tong burns


  • Not ideal if you're looking for looser waves - this is for those looking for tight, defined curls

Best multi-use curling wand

Refurbished Dyson Airwrap™ Multi-Styler Complete in Nickel/Copper
Price: £369.99

Yes, it's spenny, but the unique technology associated with this high-tech gem allows you to avoid using extreme levels of heat on your hair. It also has every base covered, from drying to curling to brush styling your do. Consider that more bang for your buck.
The Dyson Airwrap™ Multi-Styler contains everything you need - a 30mm and 40mm barrel, four different brushes/stylers, a filter cleaning brush and even a storage bag.

Review: "I had thought for a long time it was too expensive but tried my sisters and was blown away...I just had to buy one.
I purchased the refurbished one and it arrived as if brand new. I have no idea how it does what it does but it is truly amazing, the curls just last and last, better than any curling tong I have ever tried. If you are sitting on the fence wondering then wonder no more and treat yourself, it's probably the best appliance I have ever brought."

Our fashion and beauty editor Hannah Banks-Walker tested the tool to the extreme.

Read our full Dyson Airwrap Styler Review


  • The curling wand styles predominantly with air rather than heat, which causes less damage to the hair.
  • There are three options for airflow and four heat settings


  • Not as effective on thicker hair types

Curling Wand And Tongs FAQs

How Do I Know Which Curling Tool Is Right For Me?

If you're in the market for a curling tong, we break down which one is right for you.

There's a lot to be said for opting for the best curling tong. Often, careful attention has been paid to the heat settings available, meaning you're far less likely to risk damaging your hair during a curling session.

If the tong mechanism is made with ceramic plates, the curling process tends to be much kinder to hair. Choose a decent tong, and your curls will last you a good few days, too, from the glossy just-done mermaid wave look to the looser, beachy waves that normally arrive on day three. Curling tools don't have to hurt your wallet either - for example, Love Island contestants use this hairstyler which will only set you back £25.

How Do I Use A Curling Wand On Short Hair?

Just because you chopped off most of your hair in a moment of spontaneity (all been there) doesn't mean you can't have luscious curly hair. ghd has a remarkedly detailed guide on how to curl short hair, which you can follow (plus a video if you need visuals). The most important thing to remember is to have an arsenal of hair styling products to protect and enhance your hair. For example, if you use a curl hold spray before and after you've curled your hair. Before you curl, apply the spray to your ends, and finish your look by spraying the roots and massaging the product in.

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