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Best Hair Cutting Scissors

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If your hair is in desperate need of a cut and you've decided to take on the task yourself, due to budget constraints or otherwise, there are lots of ways to keep your hair polished at home. Take hair treatments for example. There are so many brilliant hair masks and treatments to nourish those strands in-between salon visits. If, however, you just can’t bear to look at those split-ends any longer and are reaching for the scissors – be prepared and please do your research.

As well as researching the best techniques to cut and trim hair (read our experts' tips and tricks here) it’s important that you’re also equipped with the right tools, aka hair cutting scissors. That means do not (I repeat, do NOT) reach for those kitchen scissors. Why? 'They are nowhere near as sharp as professional scissors,' says Ricky Walters, director of SALON64. 'Using kitchen scissors can leave the hair looking a little too blunt, torn, or ripped in appearance.'

The best scissors for the job? Depending on your budget and whether you want thinning scissors, hairdressing scissors, or both – we’ve got your hair covered with our round-up of the best tools below.

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Best Hair Cutting Scissors 2022 - Grazia

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Boots Salon Performance Hair Cutting Scissors, £8.50

These stainless steel, sharp scissors are a good affordable option. They come with a dial tool to adjust the closeness of the blades and a finger rest for control.

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Saiza Scissors Iguana 5.5, £140.59

With so many 5-star reviews, Saiza scissors are said to deliver professional results. The scissors are made from stainless steel and feature ergonomic offset handles, and convex edges for a smoothing cutting action and can be used on wet or dry hair.

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Toni & Guy Thinning Scissors, £115

Ideal for taking off that extra weight, Toni & Guy's thinning scissors are easy to use and will last for ages.

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Dark Stag Steel Bevelled Razor Edge Barber Scissors, £36.17

Designed for barbering, the Dark Stag scissors use hollow-ground blades that give precise cuts. They're also super comfortable to hold and come in different sizes.

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Kobe Kopper Thinning Scissors, £44.99

Featuring 30 teeth for expert thinning and an adjustable screw to make sure they're comfortable - these thinning scissors will get the job done well. What's more, the copper aesthetic is so chic.

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Candure Hairdressing Barber Hair Scissor, £4.95

At just £8.95, these hairdressing scissors are an absolute steal. They're designed for pros and amateurs alike featuring stainless steel razor-sharp blades, and finger inserts for soft grip and will last for an age.

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How To Pick The Best Hair Dressing Scissors

'Hairdressing scissors are expensive and rightly so as they cut every single strand of hair to perfection,' says Melissa Timperley, owner of Melissa Timperley Salons in Manchester, 'just like a chef would use THE best knives, we use the best tools.' Melissa recommends the BMAC scissors 5.

'If it’s not for your career in hairdressing and simply a small DIY fringe trim to keep you going until salons re-open then I would look for the smallest, pointiest scissors you can get your hands on,' adds Melissa. Ricky's general rule of thumb is: 'longer length scissors for longer hair and a shorter scissor for shorter hair. ' The weight, feel, and positioning of the finger holes are all important factors to consider before making a purchase.

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How To Use Thinning Scissors

'Thinning scissors essentially only cut a small percentage of the hair,' explains Ricky. 'With a comb-like blade on one hand and the scissor blade on the other it works by removing only some of the hair and therefore thinning out the hair and removing weight.' Be warned, not all thinning shears are created equal. Some will be packed with teeth (say 25 upwards) while others will feature spaced-out teeth (say 7-15).

Wider set teeth are ideal for eliminating unwanted extra weight in the hair but can create a chunkier finish. If it's blending and softening lines that you want to do, make sure you go for smaller teeth. Top tip? 'Be careful to not go too close to the root when starting out and don't use thinning scissors on curly hair as this can leave the curls broken,' adds Ricky.

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