How To Recreate Phoebe Dynevor & Meghan Markle’s Infamous Messy Bun

George Northwood, the man behind Meghan Markle and Phoebe Dynevor's infamous hairstyle reveals how to do recreate the look yourself…

Phoebe Dynevor messy bun

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If you've been watching Wimbledon this year, you might've spotted Phoebe Dynevor (aka Daphne Bridgerton) sat in the audience. Looking loved-up with her new man Pete Davidson, Phoebe showcased a loose, tousled messy bun that - we're not gonna lie - we screenshotted, archived and added to our hair inspo folder straight away.

Phoebe Dynevor and Pete Davidson at Wimbledon
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The low-key hairstyle reminded us that of Meghan Markle - who loves a low, messy bun herself.

If there's one hairstyle that Meghan the Duchess of Sussex became synonymous with after marrying Prince Harry it's the messy bun. Meghan always tends to err on the relaxed, undone side of things when it comes to hairstyles, which was none more evident than on her wedding day when she eschewed a highly polished and slicked back up-do in favour of a looser look featuring those pretty stray sections of hair that were kept loose to frame her face. After the main event Meghan swapped her famed Givency dress designed by Clare Waight Keller for a slinky Stella McCartney number, which she complemented with a beautifully messy bun and those trademark loose tendrils. Thus a right royal hair trend was born.

How To Style Phoebe & Meghan's Messy Bun At Home

Lo and behold, Phoebe's messy bun was created by James Benoit - a senior stylist at George Northwood - Meghan Markle's former hairdresser's salon.

'What I really like about the messy bun is that it's the perfect blend of having your hair up and out of the way and there's a formality to it but with it being messier it gives the look a relaxed undone feel,' explains George in his new IGTV, 'I do this a lot on celebrities, royalty, I did it a lot with Meghan and it just really works in every scenario.' We couldn't agree more. So how is it done? George explains all:

Step 1. - 'To create a bit of shape around the face spray a section with my Undone by George Northwood Wave Holding Spray, £15. Now the key is to tong away from the face on both sides.' George leaves the ends of each section free of curl for a modern finish.

Step 2 - 'The next thing we need to do is to create some texture and height on top. I'm going to lift the sections at the top of the hair, spray them with hairspray and backcomb downwards. Backcomb at the nape too as that's going to act as a pin cushion when we secure the bun in place.'

Step 3 - 'Once you've got the texture throughout pull it back into a ponytail at the nape and tie it tightly. Pull the hair on top out lightly to create that height.' George leaves the tonged front sections framing the face loose in true Meghan style.

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George Northwood Range - Slider Grazia 2021

George Northwood hair range1 of 11

Undone by George Northwood Hairdryer, £65

George says: 'Have a blast. Brush, shape, then shake hair out.'

George Northwood hair range2 of 11

Undone by George Northwood Flat Iron, £55

George says: 'Glide from root to tip for smoothness or add a zig zag for waves.'

George Northwood hair range3 of 11

Undone by George Northwood Tongs, £65

George says: 'Tong away from the face, then pull out the curl.'

George Northwood hair range4 of 11

Undone by George Northwood Undamaged Conditioner 250ml, £12

George says: 'Undamaged is your daily hair revivor.'

George Northwood hair range5 of 11

Undone by George Northwood Undamaged Shampoo 250ml, £12

George says: 'Undamaged is your daily hair revivor.'

George Northwood hair range6 of 11

Undone by George Northwood Undirty Conditioner 250ml, £12

George says: 'It's your one stop shop to great hair.'

George Northwood hair range7 of 11

Undone by George Northwood Unparched Shampoo, £12

George says: 'Your hair needs a moisturiser too, so thirsty hair will drink all of this goodness up.'

George Northwood hair range8 of 11

Undone by George Northwood Unpolluted Shampoo, £12

George says: 'Your hair needs a detox too!'

George Northwood hair range9 of 11

Undone by George Northwood Volume Spray, £15

George says: 'The Volume Spray will become your best friend.'

George Northwood hair range10 of 11

Undone by George Northwood Wave Holding Spray, £15

George says: 'Look no further. The Wave Holding Spray locks in those undone, loose waves so they stay in place all day, while offering heat protection for styling and de-frizzes hair for a silky-smooth finish.'

George Northwood hair range11 of 11

Undone by George Northwood Moisturising Cream, £15

George says: 'This Moisturising Cream gives your locks that day old hair feeling, which is the perfect canvas for styling.'

Step 4 - 'Simply take the ponytail and twist it round and round and round on itself and coil it into a bun shape at the back. Next take a grip and push it into the coil you've created and into the backcombed hair at the back. Usually if you've done the right amount of backcombing three or four grips will do.'

Step 5 - 'Taking the Undone by George Northwood Hair Moisturising Cream, £15, apply some to the very ends of the hair framing the face at the front, finish with a little hairspray and visually sculpt the hair to the look you want. And there you have the messy bun!'

Take A Stroll Down Memory Lane And Browse Meghan's Entire Hair Evolution


Meghan Markle Hair Gallery - Grazia 2021

Meghan Markle Hair1 of 14

All The Curls, All The Volume

In 2006 Meghan appeared on Season 2 of the US version of Deal Or No Deal. The look was all about glitz and glamour, so Meghan obliged with a whole load of volume and a wealth of glossy curls.

Meghan Markle Hair2 of 14

Conker Brown Hair Colour

Pictured here in 2011 Meghan is seen sporting a very different hair colour. This glossy shade of conker brown paired with her bronze toned make-up look makes the then Suits actress look glowing.

Meghan Markle Hair3 of 14

The Ultimate Blow-Dry

Meghan's character Rachel on Suits became famed for her perfect blow-dries and Meghan is just starting to show a flavour of that style here in 2013.

Meghan Markle Hair4 of 14

Luxe And Glossy

Pictured a year later in 2014 Meghan looks to have deepened her hair colour and embraced a sleeker style. Her trademark blow-dry is still going strong though.

Meghan Markle Hair5 of 14

Loose, Natural-Look Waves

Remember our very first sighting of Meghan and Prince Harry together back in 2017? Meghan's look was intentially laid back and casual. Her long, loose waves chimed in perfectly.

Meghan Markle Hair6 of 14

Soft, Fluffy Waves

The engagement announcement came later that same year in 2017 and we couldn't get enough of Meghan, her white coat and those soft, fluffy waves.

Meghan Markle Hair7 of 14

The Messu Bun Debut

Then came the debut of the messy bun in 2018. Meghan rocks a messy bun like no one else and it has become another of her trademark styles.

Meghan Markle Hair8 of 14

The Less Messy Bun

In April 2018 Meghan neatened up her bun for a reception at Women's Empowerment at the Royal Aeronautical Society in central London.

Meghan Markle Hair9 of 14

The Wedding Day Hair

And then comes May 2018, the month of the royal wedding. Meghan opted for a tiara, a veil and a low glossy bun at the nape of her neck. She also had a few loose strands free that framed her face - a pretty touch that spoke of her more relaxed nature.

Meghan Markle Hair10 of 14

The High Bun

Meghan took her bun to the crown of her head in 2019 to great effect. it was a hairstyle few had seen the Duchess sport before.

Meghan Markle Hair11 of 14

Volume Packed Waves

At the launch of her Smart Works capsule collection in 2019 Meghan arrived with the volume packed version of her favoured loose waves style and we loved it.

Meghan Markle Hair12 of 14

The Ultra Long Pony

In March 2020 Meghan accompanied Prince Harry to the Endeavour Fund Awards and sported an enviably long and low ponytail. It's a style we rarely see Meghan wear,

Meghan Markle Hair13 of 14

The Volume & Length

In February 2021 Meghan and Harry sit down for a short promo film for their podcast and Meghan's hair's volume and length is off the charts! We love this LA do.

Meghan Markle Hair14 of 14

The Interview Look

On 7th March 2021 Meghan and Harry's interview with Oprah airs in the US via CBS, a two hour long special. Meghan chose one of her go-to low bun looks for the occasion with a few strands loose at the front for a soft, pretty effect.

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