Selling The OC: Everything You Need To Know About British Estate Agent Polly Brindle

The 37 year old was approached by Jason Oppenheim before she was even qualified…

Polly Brindle

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With Selling The OC back on our screens for season three on 3rd May, fans are excitedly preparing to rekindle their obsessions with the only Brit on Jason Oppenheim’s southern Californian team: Polly Brindle. In the earlier seasons of the Selling Sunset spin-off, Polly divided fans in the first season with many criticising her treatment of fellow real estate agent Kayla Cardona. Others, meanwhile, were simply blinded by love for her accent and the other realtors' inability to understand a word she says.

Polly has already promised that season three will feature 'all things business, boats and batshit crazy behaviour', but what else is there to know about Selling The OC’s British export? Keep reading for everything you need to know...

Where is Polly Brindle from?

Polly hails from Yorkshire and moved to America after being scouted to be a model when she was 15. She was born and lived in West Yorkshire, later moved to LA in 2011 and gained her US citizenship in 2022.

How old is Polly Brindle?

Polly is 38 and was born on 1 April, which makes her an Aries. According to her star sign, we can expect passion, motivation, and confidence from her...

What did Polly Brindle do before Selling The OC?

Polly worked in fashion for over 20 years with roles for brands like Lancôme, Dior and Aston Martin after being scouted. She regularly flew between Milan, Paris, London and Barcelona, where she started to gain an appreciation for property and architecture before venturing into property.

Who is Polly Brindle's ex-husband?

Polly has been married before 'for all of her twenties', although she has never revealed her ex-husband's name and identity. She detailed her divorce on Selling The OC, likening it to a 'plane crash ending'. 'We took vows, and I took those vows very seriously. I got married for the rest of my life,' she said.

Although they moved to the US together, Polly decided to stay in the country after they split for her career and started a number of projects (including running restaurants and managing an architecture firm) while she was navigating the break-up.

Does Polly Brindle have a boyfriend?

Polly is currently officially single.

Did Tyler Stanaland and Polly Brindle date?

No, although was revealed at the beginning of season two that they shared a 'drunken kiss' in the office.

Polly then opened up about the smooch on Nicole Lapin's Money Rehab podcast, shuttig down co-star Kayla's claims that it was more than a kiss.

Calling out Kayla for making advances on Tyler whilst he was still married, Polly said, 'I just need to clear this up. Tyler is divorced. In season one – which we filmed a year and a half ago – he was married, and he is no longer married. In season one, there was one person in the office who made multiple unwanted attempts to hook up with him – that was Kayla.'

She continued, 'Fast forward a year and a half later, the guy is single and me and him share a drunken kiss. Kayla seems to think that's exactly the same thing as what she did a year and a half before. And for me, I'm like, "Hmm, it was a year and a half ago, dude was married and you made multiple unwanted advances on him." Fast forward to now, the dude is single, it was a very much team effort. It wasn't a secret. She tried to make it into this big thing and it's not the same.'

Polly has given Alex Hall and Tyler's kiss the seal of approval, telling US Weekly, 'I was like, "Come on, guys, this is going to happen." You can feel it building up. It’s kind of like the Ross and the Rachel [from Friends] of the office I was all for it!'

Polly Brindle
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When did Polly Brindle become an estate agent?

Polly realised she wanted to become a realtor during the pandemic and was actually one of the first Selling The OC agents to be chosen by Jason Oppenheim. The former model was still studying for her real estate license when she was offered a position by the Oppenheim group and became fully qualified in June 2021 —five months before filming for the show began.

What’s Polly Brindle’s net worth?

Thanks to her modelling career, numerous side hustles and real estate ambitions, Polly’s net worth is now estimated at $2 million.

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