The Surprising Selling Sunset And Bling Empire Crossover

Could there be a new Oppenheim Group agent in town?

Selling Sunset girls

by Aaliyah Harry |
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Netflix certainly knows how to make a dramatic reality TV show. Selling Sunset season five took us on an emotional rollercoaster and the reunion episode had everyone in floods of tears. Meanwhile Netflix's Bling Empire - following LA's wealthy Asian and Asian American community - returned to our screens with season two last Friday. This season of Bling Empire all eyes are on one of the most controversial cast members, Kane Lim.

Not only is Kane stirring up drama within his friendship group, but he is also part of a surprising Selling Sunset crossover moment. During episode three of Bling Empire,Kane revealed that he is now venturing into real estate. However, he didn't reveal the company he was working for as an agent.

After doing some digging, we can confirm that Kane has actually joined the Oppenheim Group - you know, the real estate offices where the glamorous ladies of Selling Sunset gossip and close deals? The Oppenheim website describesKane as 'an experienced Real Estate Developer and agent [who has] sold three properties in the upscale Los Angeles neighborhood of Venice Beach' and 'has recently focused his attention on Residential projects and Commercial properties in Asia.' The description continues, '[Kane] possesses an innate understanding of market trends and enjoys the challenges and rewards of real estate transactions.'

He spoke to E! News about the possibility of moving over to Sunset Boulevard and joining the ladies. 'Chrishelle [Stause] and I have worked together so we'll see,' the reality star said. 'I love real estate but it's so fun being onBling Empirethat I don't know if I could leave [it]. It's something that we all started together and it's been such a great relationship.' He continued, 'But if I have to jump on Selling Sunset, why not. I'd love that.'

Kane's move into real estate has not come out of the blue. A large chunk of the reality star's wealth is from his Singaporean family's holdings in property, oil and other industries. The other half of his wealth is made up of stocks which he began investing in when he was just 17 years old.

Kane has received a lot of backlash this season for his gossiping. However, some fans on the internet have also come to his defence and compared him to our favourite anti-hero, Christine Quinn- perhaps they will team up at the O Group. Could we see Kane in an episode of Selling Sunset Season 6? Jason has remained coy about ousting Christine out from the Oppenheim group for good, so this is truly the crossover we need!

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