Selling The OC: Everything You Need To Know About Tyler Stanaland And Alex Hall

Is the real estate agent in a relationship with co-star Alex Hall?

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Selling The OC is back for season three – and the tea is piping hot! In the last season of the show, Tyler Stanaland, a core cast member on Netflix's Selling Sunsetspinoff, opened up about his divorce from Pitch Perfect star Brittany Snow. Their high-profile divorce was the talk of the Oppenheim Group, due to an unexpected romance rumour floating around with a fellow agent.

Tyler and Brittany were engaged in 2019 and said 'I do' in March 2020. However, shortly after the first season of Selling The OC premiered in August 2022, the couple announced that they had decided to divorce in September. The divorce was finalised in July 2023.

If season two of the Netflix series saw Tyler open up about processing their divorce, while also forming a controversial close relationship with his friend and co-worker, Alex Hall, season three sees him and Alex trying to make things work. In the season three trailer, they're even shown sharing a kiss – although it's clear not all is well in paradise.

Tyler Stanaland and ex Brittany Snow
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So, why did Tyler Stanaland and Brittany Snow get divorced? Was Alex Hall the reason for their split? Here's everything we know...

When did Tyler Stanaland and Brittany Snow get divorced?

Tyler and Brittany tied the knot on 14 September 2020. However, they announced their separation in September 2022 after almost exactly two years of marriage. Brittany shared a statement on Instagram announcing their split alongside a black and white image. She wrote, 'After time and consideration, Tyler and I have made the difficult decision to separate. This decision was made with love and mutual respect for one another. We have realised we need to take some time and make sure we are each living our most fulfilling and authentic lives.'

She added, 'We started this journey as best friends and our relationship will continue to be a priority not only for us but for our dog Charlie. We sincerely appreciate your support and ask for privacy as we navigate this new chapter.'

Brittany officially filed for divorce from Tyler in January 2023, three months after they separated in September 2022. In her court documents Brittany reportedly cited 'irreconcilable differences' as the reason for her and Tyler’s split.

Why did Tyler and Brittany divorce?

However, there is a slot of speculation surrounding the actual reason for their divorce. Tyler became a main character in during season 1 of Selling The OC due to his flirty behaviour with several of his co-stars including Alex Hall, Polly Brindle, and Kayla Cardone, the latter of whom tried to kiss him at a party while he was still married to Brittany.

A source claimed to Page Six in September 2022 that Selling The OC was the main reason for Tyler and Brittany’s split. 'Everyone who knows Tyler and Brittany knows she wasn’t comfortable with the show,' the insider alleged. 'That’s why he did his best to keep his marriage and the show separate, but it only backfired.' A second source claimed, 'The show basically destroyed their marriage. Brittany was not happy with what she saw.'

Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland in season 3 of Selling The OC ©Netflix

A source also told Us Weekly in September 2022 after Tyler and Brittany’s separation that allegedly the couple already 'had issues' before their breakup. They claimed, 'It was known that they had issues prior — to the extent, no one knows,' the insider said, noting that the Selling The OC cast 'was pretty in the dark about their personal life' but the breakup 'wasn’t a complete surprise'. The insider continued, 'They were aware of some issues, it’s just that there’s more to the story than they know.'

What has Brittany Snow said about her divorce from Tyler Stanaland?

In an interview with Bustle in May 2023, Brittany hinted that she was 'blindsided' by her divorce from Tyler. 'In the past year I went through probably the hardest mental health challenge I’ve ever faced,' she said. 'In one day, in a matter of hours, my life turned completely upside down.' She continued, 'I was blindsided and everything I thought I knew, held sacred and truly trusted in my life was completely different. A couple days later my grandmother also passed away and I think everything I knew about mental health was tested.'

In March 2024, Brittany took part in an in-depth conversation with the Call Her Daddy podcast, where she said that she was 'grateful' for the drama surrounding Tyler on the Netflix show because it was a 'neon f*cking sign' of a red flag. She also alluded to alleged cheating, saying, 'I was not aware of a lot of things, and I’ll say that. So, I will say, what people think happened, happened.'

So, are Tyler Stanaland and Alex Hall in a relationship?

Dedicated Selling The OC fans will know that Alex and Tyler go way back – like, all the way to high school – so their relationship already has tons of history. However, they very clearly grow closer this season.

In an interview on the Reality Life With Kate Casey podcast in 2022, Tyler denied there was any romantic relationship between him and Hall while he was married to Brittany, despite their displays of affection on the show. 'We’re all really tight friends,' he said. 'There’s a respect; no lines will ever be crossed. Most of us are married or dating somebody, so there is kind of a set boundary there.' He continued, 'It’s just a funny thing to do, and we’re a very tactile, touchy-feely group. It’s nothing sexual.'

But during season two of Selling The OC, speculation began to emerge about a budding relationship between the pair, who ended up sharing a steamy kiss in the hot tub during the season finale.

In the trailer for season three, Alex tells Tyler, 'You swooned me, and then you f*cking disappeared.' And while Tyler confides in a friend that he would like to be married with children, he's shown telling Alex, 'When we're trying to force it, neither of us are on the same page. I don't want to run this thing into the ground.'

But in the season two reunion, filmed after season three, Alex revealed that she and Tyler were not together. In fact, they don't even speak, after Tyler left the Oppenheim group when shooting wrapped. Alex told host Tan France that she hadn't known Tyler was leaving 'until he pretty much left' and that he had swiftly blocked and 'excommunicated' her. 'I would like to know what happened,' Alex said.

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