Selling Sunset Reunion: Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim Break Down Over Their Split

'There's a lot of sadness and loss. I think watching the show made it more difficult.'

Chrishell and Jason Selling Sunset

by Aaliyah Harry |

The day has finally arrived: today is the Selling Sunset Season 5 reunion. This season had a whole lot of drama and the storyline that had fans on the edge of their seats involved Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim. In an exclusive teaser of the reunion the pair get emotional about the breakdown of their relationship.

So let's recap. The pair announced they were dating through an Instagram announcement in July 2021. To the whole world – and the real estate agents of the Oppenheim group – their relationship came as a total surprise. Not everyone welcomed their relationship: remember when Christine Quinn said the only reason Chrishell was getting listings is because she was sleeping with the boss? Ouch! However, their relationship was short lived as they parted ways in December 2021.

In the reunion they discuss the end of their relationship and there is not a dry eye in the house. When asked if their relationship was a 'showmance', Jason strongly denied the suggestion. 'I hesitate to answer that question,' Jason told reunion host Tan France. 'I don't want to give it any credence. That's like asking me if the earth is flat. It's a stupid question to me. I don't feel the need to explain to people that…'

Then the usually very firm Jason begins to choke up. The other cast members look on with shock. 'You're going to make me cry,' newest Selling Sunset agent Chelsea Lazkani says. 'I've never seen Jason sad.' Chrishell then tries her best to withhold her tears while looking on, but she starts to break down. She begins to cry as Mary Fitzgerald offers Jason hugs and emotional support.

'There's a lot of sadness and loss. I think watching the show made it more difficult,' Jason explains after taking a moment. 'It brought it all back up. It's been a few months, but I'm still just going through stuff. There was a lot of love between us and there still is. I still care about her very much. This has been a very difficult break-up.' Those who have watched season five will know they parted ways for a very heartbreaking reason. Chrishell has always been very set on the idea that she wanted kids, while Jason was on the fence. They started meeting with Chrishell's doctors to begin the IVF process, but Jason ultimately decided he didn't want a family. They both have very different ideas of their future and it ultimately didn't work.

The most controversial cast member, Christine Quinn, is missing in action from the reunion. A representative for Christine previously announced it was because she had COVID-19. However, after she was spotted on another film set a few days after the reunion, her co-stars Chrishell and Amanza Smith called her out on it. After TMZ released the pictures of Christine on Twitter, Chrishell replied with a gif of Maury Povich saying, 'And the lie detector test determined that was a lie.' One thing is clear - this is going to be a juicy reunion show!

Selling Sunset Reunion airs on Netflix Friday 6 May

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