Molly Marsh: All The Latest News On The Love Islander Now She’s Back In The Villa

She's back and coupled up with Zach, but will everyone be happy to see her?

Molly Marsh

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Love Island 2023 has not been without its twists this series. From disallowing the least compatible couples to re-couple with each other, to bringing back series 2 alumni, pocket-rocket Kady McDermott, it’s fair to say we have all been kept on our toes - but arguably no more than when Molly Marsh made a shock return in Casa Amor.

The original cast member had been growing closer to Zachariah Noble before she was booted out in week three, following Kady’s decision to couple up with her man.

But after much hearsay about whether the social media influencer/theatre producer would return to the villa in a dramatic plot twist, she came back guns blazing to reclaim her man.

Since her Casa comeback, the pair have seemingly picked up where they left off/made up for lost time after sharing a kiss this week and re-entering the main villa as a couple, leaving Kady single.

Will they go the distance this time? With the shock turns this series has taken, only time will tell.

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Off the bat, Molly coupled up with Luca Bish 2.0 Mitchel Taylor - who she seemingly formed an instant connection with as soon as she entered the villa. Alongside being put together by the public vote, the duo were wearing matching red outfits - it's a sign!

Although it really wasn't because Molly soon realised that Mitch wasn't the man for her and decided to get to know Zach after a week. Easier said than done however, because it seemed that plenty of people wanted to get to know Zach and it was a while before the pair were eventually able to share a bed.

As they continue to seize their second chance, here is everything you need to know about the Love Island 2023 star.

Who is Molly Marsh?

Molly Marsh is a content creator/ musical theatre performer who appeared on season 10 of Love Island.

How old is Molly Marsh?

Molly is currently 21 years old. Yes really!

After she revealed her age in the first episode, fans took to Twitter to reveal that they were shocked by the news saying 'How is Molly 21???'

Where is Molly Marsh from?

Molly is from Doncaster, a city in South Yorkshire.

She told ITV, 'I live on a farm with my mum, dad, sister, grandma, grandad, auntie, uncle, cousin, cousin's husband, their baby and chicken.' Talk about a busy dinner table...

What is Molly Marsh's job?

Molly describes herself as a musical theatre performer and social media creator.

She started in the villa with just over 42,000 followers on Instagram and left with 213,000. Despite the new followers, fans are convinced that Molly is planning on a career change and intends to pursue a presenting career now that she's left the villa.

Once again bringing a claim to fame to the Love Island world, Molly is the daughter of an actress. But despite sharing a last name, Strictly's Kym Marsh is not the islander's mother...

In fact, Molly's mum is Janet Marsh - who soap stars might recognise from Coronation Street. Over the years, Janet has appeared on the soap in three different roles: a nurse, a receptionist, and then an ITU nurse. She's also appeared in series such as Where The Heart Is, Bodies, In The Dark, and Still Open All Hours.

Does Molly Marsh drink?

Molly isn't a big drinker. In fact, bar a Malibu and coke at Christmas, she's pretty much sober.

Speaking about that decision she tell us, 'My mum doesn't drink so I just followed in her footsteps. I have a 15-year-old sister and I don't want her to think that she can only have a good time when she drinks alcohol, you can be confident and have a good night without it.'

How long has Molly Marsh been single?

Describing herself as a 'relationship girl', Molly explains 'I don't sleep around, I don't have one night stands. If I'm into someone, I want it for the long run. I've had four relationships and they've been really good relationships actually - the only reason that they came to an end were career choices or going long distance. I'm a very positive person and I like things to end on good terms.'

Following a break-up around Christmas time (brutal!), Molly has been single for six months.

Has Molly Marsh ever dated anyone famous?

When Molly was first revealed to be entering the Love Island villa, the first thing people did was trawl through her endless social media to see what they could discover about her.

Turns out, Molly previously dated boxer and fellow Love Island Tommy Fury before he headed onto the iconic dating show.

What's even weirder is that Molly is still good friends with Tommy and his current girlfriend Molly-Mae Hague - it's a small world!

What is Molly Marsh looking for in a partner?

Calling Joe Swash her celeb crush, Molly admits that her type comes more from their personality than their looks.

She explains, 'I like a cheeky chappy with nice smile who doesn't think too much of themselves. They have to be able to take me for me and not see me as this party pooper who doesn't drink. They need to be happy to be with a grandma who likes to go to bed and have a hot chocolate or a cup of tea.'

Does Molly Marsh have Instagram?

You can find Molly on social media @mollygracemarsh, where she posts everything from body positivity, cute new outfits, and funky press trips around the world.

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