Made In Chelsea: Who Is Bella Sharpe?

Everything you need to know about the former MIC star

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Bella Sharpe was welcomed into the Made in Chelsea fold when she joined last year - however, it seems her stint on the E4 show has been short but sweet. With season 27 almost here, reports have surfaced that Bella has made the decision to quit the show. Indeed, her name does not appear on the cast list for the upcoming season.

Bella joined the Kings Road gang for series 25, before jetting off to Corsica for the abroad special just months later. It wasn't until season 26 that Bella really came into her own though - with her on/off relationship with Reza Amiri-Garroussi (and therefore on/off friendship with his ex-girlfriend Ruby Adler) unfolding on screen. On the most recent series of Made in Chelsea: Sydney, Bella's relationship with Reza came to a tumultuous end after he was spotted kissing Ruby.

Bella Sharpe and Reza Amiri-Garroussi ©E4

Now saying goodbye to the show to focus on her career, here's everything to know about former Made In Chelsea star Bella Sharpe.

Who is Bella Sharpe?

Bella Sharpe - whose full name is Annabella Sharpe - is a PR manager and influencer who joined Made in Chelsea last year for series 25.

Initially introduced as Reza's girlfriend, Bella's on-off relationship played out onscreen, with Reza's ex-girlfriend Ruby Adler also involved. In Bella's final season, she found herself stuck in a love triangle between Reza and Ruby.

What is Bella Sharpe's job?

Bella Sharpe works in PR and fashion. Before joining MIC, she held the position of PR manager at Flannels - a multi-brand designer retailer.

Bella Sharpe and Tristan Phipps
Bella Sharpe and Tristan Phipps ©E4

Bella revealed last year that she had quit her job at Flannels to star on the reality TV show, saying 'I left Flannels because I needed to be at my desk for 9-6 every single day, and it was just impossible. Now I'm freelancing in PR and working on a brand.'

Where is Bella Sharpe from?

Ideal for Made in Chelsea filming, Bella Sharpe is from London.

What school did Bella Sharpe go to?

Whilst it's not public knowledge where Bella Sharpe went to school as a child, her LinkedIn profile mentions that she attended Fashion Retail Academy.

How old is Bella Sharpe?

Bella Sharpe is currently 27 years old. According to one report, she celebrates her birthday on 26 November, which would make her an energetic and empathetic Sagittarius. Her Instagram doesn't give too much away to confirm the date, but she did allude to birthday celebrations at the end of November 2021.

Bella Sharpe and Ruby Adler
Bella Sharpe and Ruby Adler ©E4

Who are Bella Sharpe's parents?

Bella's parents are Aron and Julia Sharpe. It's said that Bella followed in her father's footsteps, with Aron apparently working at Options - another fashion brand. Meanwhile, Bella's mum Julia works as an osteopath.

Are Bella Sharpe and Reza Amiri-Garroussi still dating?

Bella Sharpe joined Made in Chelsea when she was casually dating co-star Reza Amiri-Garroussi, but their fling first came to an end when they discovered they were on different pages about the future. Whilst she was keen to take things to the 'serious' level, Reza wasn't singing from the same hymn sheet.

Fans thought they might rekindle in Made in Chelsea: Corsica when Bella showed up unexpectedly, but it wasn't until they returned to London that things picked back up between the two.

As the cast of Made in Chelsea headed to Australia, Bella and Reza were dating but not exclusive - hence why in the first episode, Bella agreed to go on a date with Hugo MacKenzie-Wood. It all came to a dramatic end, however, with Bella ending her romance with Reza after it emerged he had kissed ex-girlfriend Ruby Adler.

Bella left the show in 2024, choosing not to appear in season 27. A source told MailOnline, 'Bella joined the show as Reza’s partner and now they’re no longer together, she didn’t see much point in remaining on the series. Her fashion career is incredibly important to her, and all she wants now is to focus on her work.'

Does Bella Sharpe have Instagram?

Like the majority of reality stars, Bella does indeed have Instagram! With 19k followers to date, the star posts outfit pics, snippets of her day to day life, and lots of travel snaps. You can keep up to date with her on Instagram @annabellasharpe.

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