Made In Chelsea: Why Is Temps Facing Backlash?

The drama in series 27 is not letting up.

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David 'Temps' Templer faced backlash from Made in Chelsea viewers last night over how he spoke to Jasmine Saunders and Lauren Sintes.

Temps - who previously dated Liv Bentley and Imogen Bloom - had Jazz in tears at Freddy Knatchball's party after he approached her with so-called rumours that she had been dating someone else while getting to know his best friend, Miles Nazaire.

'I am not having a romantic connection elsewhere,' Jazz insisted. 'I've heard it from everybody,' Temps hit back. 'You can say no all you want, but I've heard it.'

Jazz then asked, 'From who?' to which Temps replied with a smirk, 'I don't want to drop them in it.'

After some awkward back and forth, Jazz said, 'How do you think it makes me feel that you've come in here saying everybody around me, who I've just been dancing with and having a drink with, is talking about me?'

Lauren acknowledged that Temps was making Jazz upset, before he said, 'It's a funny old situation. I've come in here and asked you if something was true, now all of a sudden I'm making stuff up?'

Then, Lauren took several swipes at him and urged him to 'stop being Miles's mouthpiece', questioning whether he could see that he was making Jazz cry. 'Very clever what you're doing,' Temps replied, before the women left him standing alone.

Temps and Jazz fell out in the previous episode after she kissed Sam Vanderpump during the cast's countryside retreat - a chance Jazz initially turned down, but then changed her mind after being led to believe that Miles had declared himself 'single and ready to mingle'. Temps - who also locked horns with Lauren over how he treated her friend on the trip away - patched things up with Jazz during drinks with her and Miles, but the men mutually claimed that Lauren doesn't bring out a nice side of her.

Earlier on in the episode during a catch-up with Emily Blackwell, Temps called Lauren 'patronising' and admitted, 'I can't stand her.'

As the sixth episode in series 27 unfolded, fans took to X with their thoughts. 'I don't like the way Temps [talks] to the girls - telling Lauren to basically shut up and making Jazz cry #madeinchelsea,' wrote one. Another X user replied, 'Maybe he has a lot of sisters,' which left the original tweeter retorting, 'Even more of a reason for him not to speak to them like that.'

Another tweeted in jest, 'Temps [is] more bothered about what Jazz is doing than Miles', as a fourth claimed that he is 'weirdly obsessed' with other people's relationships.

Meanwhile, other Made in Chelsea fans disagreed entirely. 'Temps is just sticking up for his friend and doing a great job of it,' one commented.

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