Is Made in Chelsea’s Freddy Knatchbull A Hypocrite?

Viewers are wondering if he has exaggerated his 'nice guy' image

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by Daisy Hall |
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Until last night’s episode of Made in Chelsea, Freddy Knatchbull seemed to epitomise the idea that nice guys finish last.

Since his first appearance on the hit reality show, the 19 year old has made it more than clear that he’s into Jazz Saunders, yet time and time again Jazz has fobbed him off in favour of… well literally any other man in the borough of Chelsea. First came Hugo MacKenzie-Wood, then Harvey Armstrong, then Miles Nazaire, then Sam Vanderpump.

And throughout it all, Freddy Knatchbull stood strong as a shoulder for Jazz to cry on and fans really started to root for him and hoped that one day she would realise that they were perfect for each other.

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Until he went and royally – excuse the pun – messed it all up, by getting with Harvey’s girlfriend.

Safe to say, fans aren’t happy with Freddy’s latest actions, taking to social media in droves to condemn the reality star’s latest actions.

One wrote, ‘Now he’s f**ked up. Oh Freddy! Why would you do that when you’ve been trying so hard to be with Jazz. It’s really bad made. Not a good look at all. I didn’t expect that from you whatsoever.’

Another even went to far as to call Freddy a ‘hypocrite’ saying, ‘The penny drops! Freddy, yes you are a hypocrite! Having a go at Miles and Hugo, now you’ve done exactly that. I expected better from you. Absolutely awful. I’m not going to sit here and feel sorry for him. He’s completely thrown it.’

Overwhelmingly it seems that fans are incredibly disappointed by Freddy’s actions because it throws into question what women have been wondering all along: perhaps there’s just no such thing as a 'nice guy'.

Could it be that Freddy was never really into Jazz at all and was instead more excited by the idea of her and was enjoying the chase? Certainly it seems that once she was single and ready to finally give Freddy a go, he immediately jumped ship. And with someone in a relationship no less!

Oh, the aftermath from Freddy’s latest shenanigans is going to be serious. How is he ever going to come back from this? Actually, if Sam Prince’s character arc over the years has taught us anything, it’s that Freddy will probably be absolutely fine.

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