Made In Chelsea: Does Girl Code Apply When You’re Not Friends?

After Inga kissed Emily's ex Harvey - it has raised the question of whether girl code applies when you're not friends.

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Ah, the unwritten rule of female friendship: Girl code. Girl code is a set of rules or ethics that exist between a girl and her best friends. In simple terms - the do's and don'ts that make a lasting friendship. It's like if you saw your friend’s boyfriend cheating on them – you’d have to tell your friend. One of the most imperative rules is don't date your friend's ex - under any circumstances. This rule being broken is sure to lead to an almighty argument and an emotional friendship breakdown.

Last night on Made In Chelsea the talk of Kings Road was Inga Valentiner kissing Harvey Armstrong. Of course, Harvey is Emily Blackwell's ex-boyfriend. They broke up earlier in the year after Emily found out he had cheated on her. At first Inga and Harvey's night out was made out to be very shady - but Inga later explained that it was a lot more tame than everyone was making out.

Inga had a debrief with friends Robbie Mullett, Paris Smith and Olivia Bentley about her night out with Harvey, where she admitted they kissed and he stayed the night. She clarified they didn't have sex. She told them she was going to speak to Emily about it and come clean, to which Robbie commented, 'So you're adhering to girl code?' Before she could say anything back Paris said, 'It's a bit late for girl code.'

But does girl code really apply here? Inga and Emily have never really been close friends - or friends at all for that matter. They are more like acquaintances crossing paths at big social events and parties. While of course, it's not nice to hear that someone within the wider friendship group could be forming a romantic connection with your ex, Inga dosen't really owe Emily anything. She had the decency as an acquaintance to tell her about the kiss, but she didn't have to. Girl code applies to friends who have built that foundation of loyalty and respect this just doesn't apply here.

The blow up Emily had with Inga calling her a 'liar' even after she told her everything about her night with Harvey wasn't fair. I think Emily's issue should be with Harvey. There is a certain level of respect you should hold for an ex - especially after Harvey's actions through cheating on her. It has clearly annoyed Emily and Harvey knows it has too. Although Emily has a new boyfriend, Jordan Alexander, of course her feelings and anger are still valid. I just think last night the anger was directed at the wrong person.

Whilst girl code is a very important set of rules we must follow - there are times when it doesn't apply and this is one of those times.

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