Yes, Emily Blackwell’s New Boyfriend Will Be On Made In Chelsea

Emily is happy - which makes us happy!

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All we've ever wanted for Emily Blackwellis happiness - she's been through quite a lot of drama the past few seasons of Made In Chelsea.However, it looks like romance in the horizon for one of our favourite Kings Roaders - and we think it's got something to do with her new boyfriend...

Last night we were introduced Emily's boyfriend! He is seen walking into frame and sharing a kiss with the reality star. He sits down with Emily to meet her BFF Miles Nazaire. Emily recently went 'Instagram official' with her new boyfriend ,Jordan Alexander, who is the managing director of a recruitment company. So, after this quick snapshot of the pair together perhaps this means he will be making future appearances on the show now they've introduced him as a character?

In an interview with with OK!Emily revealed how she met her new beau. She said, 'Jordan and I have known each other for quite a long time. We’re both from Surrey originally so I’ve kind of always known him, but our paths have never really crossed fully until recently.'

She went on, 'It’s so funny because he’s someone I’ve known forever but I never thought I’d be in a relationship with him, do you know what I mean? Discussing how they’re budding relationship is going, the reality star continued, 'It’s really going so, so well. He’s far more me and he’s a little bit older than me, and I think I’ve always needed someone a little bit more mature and that has their sh*t together.' Is this a little bit of shade to ex Harvey?

Emily also revealed that Jordan will only make appearance's here and there on the show going forward. Following her previous experience of seeing the break down of her relationship play out in front of the nation, Emily said, 'I do not want a full blown relationship on the show ever again. It's not happening.'

Emily was dating co-star Harvey Armstrong but that ended horribly, when Emily found out that Harvey had cheated on her with someone else. The way his actions unfolded was heart-breaking to watch and of course all started at a dreaded Chelsea afterparty. After the scandal was revealed Emily quickly called off their relationship.

But how does her boyfriend get on with her BFF? She told OK!, '[Jordan] and Miles get on extremely well, which is really nice. They’ve almost got a bit of a bromance going on.' In the Mallorca summer series, Emily's best friend Miles Nazaire revealed that he had romantic feelings for her - but they both came to the conclusion it was best that they didn't cross the friendship line. After all, it could all end in tears and they seem to value their friendship a lot. Miles has, however, given the seal of approval during the first episode and has gushed in the comments under their Instagram posts together - cute!

Elsewhere, after last season we know Maeva and James announced they were engaged and having a baby. Miles and Issy Baum-Francis started a budding romance. However, the real question is will Sam Prince and Julius ever iron out their issues this season? Only time will tell!

When does Made In Chelsea return?

Made in Chelsea returns Monday 17 October at 9pm on E4!

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