Meet Issy Francis-Baum, Made In Chelsea’s New Recruit

Made In Chelsea is back soon and there are some new faces!

Issy Francis-Baum

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Made in Chelsea is nearly back! Yes, on Monday 27 March we are reunited with the Kings Roaders. After a dramatic trip to Bali, the gang are back on home soil. Old faces will be making a return includingMaevaD'Ascanio, Ruby Adler and Sam Prince. However, we will also be waving hello to some newer faces. Enter: Issy Francis-Baum. Issy is the ultimate cool girl and joined the group in Mallorca for the summer series. She had a budding romance with Miles Naziere(which of course Maeva had a lot to say about) but that came to abrupt end. After getting to know Harvey Armstrong more in Bali, will the flirtation continue in Chelsea?

Who is Issy Francis-Baum?

Issy is a part time student and model. She’s been signed as a model since 2019 and has worked with loads of well-known brands, as well as featuring on an ad in Times Square, and in stores across the US. She was scouted by IMM Models, is now signed with Elite Modelling Agency and since then has worked with names such as Urban Outfitters, ASOS, NARS and Tanologist.

Issy is currently at Manchester Met, studying fashion promotion. According to her LinkedIn, she started the degree last year, and should graduate in 2024. Apparently her modelling career is what piqued her interest about the behind the scenes of fashion.

How old is Issy Francis-Baum?

Issy is 20 years old - she is currently the youngest member on the cast.

Where is Issy Francis-Baum from?

Issy is actually not from Chelsea or even South West London. She describes herself as 'East London born and bred' and is originally from Hackney. As we saw on the show her house is VERY impressive and even has it's own indoor pool. After doing some digging we have discovered her house is actually called the 'East villa' Fancy! Her house even has its own Instagram account showcasing each room in the luxurious £10 million pound pad. It has six bedrooms and six bathrooms, spread across three floors.

There is a rumour going around on TikTok that Drake - yes, the rapper - once moved in here. Basically, it's a dream house.

Who are Issy Francis-Baum's parents? And who is her incredible dad Marc Francis-Baum?

Issy Francis-Baum's parent's, or rather her dad specifically, made a splash when he first appeared on Made In Chelsea last year. Marc met her new beau Miles during the episode, much to the fanfare of viewers. Thankfully, Marc is confirmed to back for the 25th series and we are overjoyed!

We've done all the digging and we do know that her dad is the co-founder of Mare Street Market in Hackney, an all-day dining spot with more than 60,000 followers on Instagram that Marc founded with chef Gizzi Erskine. Marc also founded Barworks, an independent pub, bar and restaurant group based in London. An indie restaurant extraordinaire then, definitely our type of man. Issy’s mum Joanna was also listed as a non-executive director of Barworks until August earlier this year, after joining the company as an employee in 2015, but there's little else online about her. During this series, Harvey goes to Issy's dad for advice about starting a craft beer company.

Does Issy’ Francis-Baum's dad make Camden Hells larger?

Viewers were left seriously confused after Harvey started praising Marc for his work with Camden Hells larger on last night’s episode of Made in Chelsea. But it turns out Issy’s dad has been involved with Camden Hells and Camden Town Brewery since it started, alongside the founder Jasper Cuppaidge.

Around 2011, Marc and his business partners from Barworks started looking to make their own beer. 'We had great beer sales and turnover and thought it would be interesting to brew our own,' he told The Caterer. Marc met up with his friend Jasper, who owned the Horshoe pub in Hampstead and set out plans to have a bespoke brewery shipped over from Munich.

'We went in with Jasper, found the site, and had a bespoke brewery built into the arches under Kentish Town West station,' explained Marc. 'I won’t say that making good-quality beer is easy, but having a group of bars to give the brewery a sales and marketing platform was really important.'

Are Issy Francis-Baum and Miles Nazaire together?

No they are not. After a budding romance in Mallorca, Miles cut things off with Issy very abrubtly. Since then the pair have exchanged harsh words - he even called her 'calculated' so we don't think any rekindling is on the cards either.

Who is Issy Francis-Baum dating?

Well, according to Instagram it's not Harvey! Issy soft-launched her new relationship with Tom Dolemore on Valentines day sharing a picture of roses on Instagram and tagged him writing, 'So romantic x @tomdolemore.' Since then, eagle-eyed fans have noticed she has continued to subtly tag him on Instagram. It is rumoured they have been together since the start of the year after being spotted on holiday together in Barbados.

Who is Tom Dolemore?

32-year-old Tom Dolemore is a Property Developer from London. He builds houses in and around Bedford and Cambridge. If you’re a long-time Made in Chelsea viewer then you’ll probably recognise Tom as he appeared on the show back in 2018 when he was introduced in series 16 as a friend of Emily Blackwell. During his brief stint on the show, Tom dated Sophie Habboo and accompanied her to a party thrown by Olivia Bentley. It turns out Habbs isn’t Tom’s only famous ex either as he reportedly dated Love Island 2022 winner Ekin-Su shortly before she entered the villa last summer.

From Tom’s Instagram and you can see his social circle contains a whole host of recognisable faces from the world of reality TV and music. He’s often hanging out with Spencer Morgan, and his dad Piers, Gary Lineker’s son George, Conor Maynard, and Love Island star, Samira Mighty.

Due to his previous appearances on the show, he also has loads of of Made in Chelsea friends too, including Sam Prince, Tina Stinnes, Emily Blackwell, Georgia Toffolo, Lily Ludovici and Jamie Laing.

Does Issy Francis-Baum have Instagram?

Sorry but Issy’s Instagram is just a straight up vibe. She’s giving Y2k girl with an edgy twist. Looking at any of her pictures you can just tell that she is a fashion student every outfit is 10/10! Follow her Instagram @issy.fbb

Who is the celebrity rapper Issy Francis-Baum used to date?

If Instagram is just not enough she also has an even cooler TikTok account. Her videos have had over 2million likes! One of her most liked TikToks says she used to date someone who’s now a big time rapper.

We did some digging and think her famous ex is rapper Central Cee - when TikTok viewers suggested he might be her ex, she hinted at him, by pinning a comment that says, 'Is he 23 by any chance?'. 23 is the name of Central Cee's second mixtape.

On a picture she posted 23 weeks ago with the caption 'Mrs' (and is now edited), some users also tried to guess who she was dating at the time, with some guessing Central Cee.

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