Made In Chelsea’s Maeva D’Ascanio and James Taylor Share Pregnancy News

'All my dreams are coming true at the same time. I still don't believe it!'

Maeva and James

by Aaliyah Harry |

Made in Chelsea's Maeva D'Ascanio is pregnant! Maeva and her fiancé, James Taylor, revealed that they are expecting their first child together. The couple have also explained how their recent romantic engagement happened. We couldn't be happier for SW3's most dramatic couple. 'All my dreams are coming true at the same time,' Maeva told HELLO! magazine. 'I still don't believe it! It's all amazing - I just want to enjoy it all as much as I can.'

The French-born reality star is due to give birth in November. 'We are more excited every day,' James said. 'My dad told me that when he had his first child, he never thought he could love something so much. And I'm starting to get an inkling of that feeling as this baby growing in Maeva's tummy is pretty special.'

The couple recently got engaged in Rome. James had reportedly been preparing to pop the question for a year, even asking Maeva's father Thierry for permission in April 2021. While on a holiday to the Eternal City, as is tradition, Maeva thew a coin into the Trevi Fountain and made a wish – that her boyfriend of three years would propose. 'I did my wish which was, I really hope James is going to propose to me soon,' she recalls. 'And then I opened my eyes and he was there on one knee. I was thinking, Wow, this is it! Is this real? It was everything I had ever wanted.'

Maeva reportedly accepted the ring straight away - a 2.5 carat pear-shaped diamond engagement ring that James himself designed - and they are now over the moon. 'It feels like I have everything I have ever wanted – it's that secure feeling that this is my woman, forever,' James says. 'I feel protected - being engaged to the man of my dreams is amazing. It's a different love, it's stronger, it's deeper. I feel safe,' Maeva adds.

Some of their Made In Chelsea co-stars have taken to social media to congratulate the happy couple. Ruby Adler wrote on Instagram, 'I'm so so happy favourite couple, such amazing news.' Meanwhile, Tristan Phipps wrote, 'Gosh these guys. What a couple!' Somehow we don't think they will be getting any congratulations from Maeva's ex Miles Nazaire but watch this space...

On Made In Chelsea, viewers are currently seeing a very different snapshot of their relationship - far from the loved up picture we are seeing now (remember we are not seeing things play out in real time. Last week on the hit reality show, James admitted to kissing another girl behind Maeva's back in what he described as a 'drunken night' at London nightclub Raffles.

Also, the couples engagement comes after James awkwardly turned down Maeva's proposal on Made In Chelsea. (Yes, she grew tired of waiting and took matters into her own hands - go Maeva!) We can understand why viewers may be surprised at their now fast-developing relationship, but it appears they have put any past issues behind them and are now 'happier than ever.'

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