Love Island 2023: Who Is Catherine Agbaje?

After a rocky start she seems settled with footballer Scott

Catherine Agbaje

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She went into the Love Island 2023 villa hoping that her job as an estate agent would contribute to her coming off the market, and - with the way things are going with Scott Van Der Sluis - Catherine Agbaje could be on track for getting her very first boyfriend.

But whilst things seem to be going well for Catherine now, her Love Island journey didn't have the smoothest of starts. She was initially coupled up with Andre Furtado after the public put them together, but soon series ten's first bombshell Zachariah Noble chose to couple up with her just 24 hours later.

Zach's head was soon turned by Molly Marsh - before her brutal dumping obviously! - and Catherine Agbaje reunited with Andre. A public vote put a spanner in the works though when Andre was voted out of the villa and Catherine was left single. Luckily goalkeeper Scott came in at just the right time and - after deciding between Leah Taylor and Catherine - eventually coupled up with Catherine and the pair have been going from strength to strength ever since.

And fans seem to be pretty invested in her Love Island journey, with plenty of praise floating about for her online. 'I love Catherine. She’s so beautiful and her personality oozes confidence,' wrote one fan. Another quipped that it is 'Catherine Island', branding her a 'queen'.

How old is Catherine?

Catherine entered the villa aged 22, but after having her birthday on Friday 23rd in the villa, is now 23.

What is Catherine's job?

Catherine works as a commercial real estate agent. She joked during her ITV interview that her job does not entail the same glam as Love Island, saying, 'If someone saw me now, they'd be like "what?" This is not the person that showed me this shop!'

Where is Catherine from?

Catherine is from Dublin, Ireland. Her accent has often been enough to pique interest, as she reveals, 'I just have to give people the eyes, open my mouth, say a few words and they're like, "Oh my God, where are you from?" And then yeah, it's done. I've had people say to me, "Just send voice notes of you speaking." I'm like, "okay!"'

What has Catherine said about Love Island?

Catherine was one of the few contestants to actually apply for the show this year and is hopeful that it will be her answer to finding love after being single 'forever'. The way things are going with Scott, fans think it could be...

She said before entering, 'I’m sick of the repetition of getting into these situationships and guys never committing to anything real. I feel like I’m just going in circles with different people, hoping the next guy will be different but they’re always the same.’

She has confessed that she can 'chat your ears off', and describes herself as 'fun', 'flirty' and 'never boring'.

Does Catherine have Instagram?

Yes she does - @catherine_agbaje is where you can peek at her content. It seems as though she is a keen jet-setter, with Miami, The Netherlands and Marbella featuring on her grid.

Whilst she's in the villa though, her social media accounts will be inactive in accordance with the new welfare policy introduced by ITV for the winter series earlier this year.

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