Ashley Park Just Revealed The 3-Step Skincare Routine She Makes Time For On Long Haul Flights To Paris

The Emily In Paris star shares the products behind her DIY in-flight facial

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By the time series two of Netflix' Emily In Paris had landed, the show had not only reaffirmed itself as a mine of some of the most talked about fashion moments on TV, but also gave us a whole host of inspirational beauty looks to take inspiration from too. From Emily's perfect waves to Camille's enviably au naturel make-up, (and yes, we're still thinking about Lily Collins' impeccable brow game). One Emily In Paris character who also grabbed viewers' attention for all of the right reasons was Mindy, played by Ashley Park.

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We might be out of Emily In Paris season - at least until the third series comes along - but it turns out we can nevertheless rely in Ashley to continue serving up beauty inspo in the interim. She recently shared a video straight from her long haul flight to - you guessed it - Paris. It's time to take notes. Read on to discover what Ashley makes time for mid-air to revive her plane-weary skin.

Starting with a sheet mask on clean skin, Ashley uses an amethyst Gua Sha tool to work in the excess product, and factor in a de-puffing, lymphatic drainage massage all in one step - particularly useful for long flights, which can exacerbate water retention, especially around your eyes.

Next comes a moisture-sandwiching technique - the practice of strategically layering up hydrating skin products. Once the sheet mask formula has been absorbed, follow up with a plumping serum (Ashley uses the Lancome, Advanced Genifique Serum, £70.97, from the Emily in Paris collection), and lock in with a rich, day cream for a nourishing boost. Ashley finishes by with Glossier's Priming Moisturiser Rich face cream, £26, that is rich in ceramides and fatty acids to create a protective barrier and hold in that well-layered moisture.

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So, for all of the products to add to your hand luggage ahead of your next trip, check out Ashley's long haul flight beauty essentials below. Bon voyage!

Shop: Ashley Park's Long Haul Flight Beauty Essentials


SHOP: Ashley Park's Long Haul Flight Beauty Essentials

Ashley Park's Long Haul Flight Beauty Essentials
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This fast absorbing blend of shea and murumuru butters melts into skin for a decadent, rich finish. Ideal for dry, or stressed skin, the dewy, balanced finish locks in moisture for 24 hours.

Ashley Park's Long Haul Flight Beauty Essentials
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Ever since the announcement of Lancome's Emily in Paris collection, we were excited to try the brand's iconic Advanced Genifique Serum, but with a little "je ne sais quoi" on the bottle. The blend of Hyaluronic Acid and probiotics helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improves the look of skin's radiance and texture for a glowy, au naturel finish.

Ashley Park's Long Haul Flight Beauty Essentials
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Saje's multitasking essential oils can be used for stress relief, in post-workout during cool-downs, or simply to help you sleep. Ashley puts a couple of drops of the Peppermint Halo inside her face mask for a quick dose of aromatherapy.

Ashley Park's Long Haul Flight Beauty Essentials
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Used lightly in outward motions, gliding the gua sha from the nose to outer cheek bone, from the chin along the jaw, and from the jaw down the neck, promotes circulation and lymphatic drainage, aiming to rid the face of the toxins that can be held and cause blockage. A gua sha or face roller is also good at working product into skin rather than being soaked up by the fingers, giving your pores a better chance to soak up the benefits.

Ashley Park's Long Haul Flight Beauty Essentials
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As Ashley hasn't revealed the exact sheet mask she uses quite yet, we love the 111 Skin Sub Zero De-Puffing Energy Mask to cool irritation and tighten complexion, as the hydrogel base leaves the skin refreshed and revitalised, ready for landing.

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