And Just Like That: All The Remarkable Beauty Lessons We’ve Learned So Far

Consider the show a masterclass in make-up, wellness and more


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It's been 17 years since Carrie Bradshaw and co left our screens, taking their cosmos, Manolos and wild sex stories with them. And how we mourned. What other show could we rely on to serve up the both the benefits and flaws of close female friendships? Or the highs and lows of dating?

Sex And The City was full of need-to-know beauty lessons too. Missed them? Remind yourself of each and every one right here. There was Charlotte's polished Upper East Side blow-dry, Carrie's signature golden glow and mass of curls. Make-up inspiration was never in short supply.

The show''s brand new reboot, And Just Like That, has followed suit in the beauty stakes. The show's head of make-up Sherri Berman Laurence has been drip-feeding backstage beauty secrets via her Instagram feed since the show first aired back in December and and fans have duly been lapping them up. Need a catch-up? Scroll all the best beauty lessons from And Just Like That below.

All The Beauty Lessons You've Learnt From And Just Like That


Beauty Lessons from And Just Like That

Lipgloss is never a bad idea
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As demonstrated by Carrie. SJP has been spotted applying it several times in between takes, and it's no wonder: the Dior gloss in question is comfortable, deposits great pigment and isn't sticky. You can read all about it (and shop the very same gloss) here.

False lashes can look natural
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That's right. Head of make-up, Sherri Berman Laurence, shared the exact lashes she uses on Carrie, and they look perfectly natural. The right pair adds definition to the eye area, and makes lashes look stronger and thicker.

Dry your curls smartly
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Caring for curls can be tricky business (Carrie would know). She opted to dry her curls with Aquis' luxe Hair Turban, for the way it absorbs water easily (no rough drying here) and minimises damage. Smart.

Cream blusher delivers serious glow
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Carrie makes an excellent case for cream blusher. Berman Laurence, the lead make-up artist on the show, divulged the exact product she uses to perk up Carrie's skin. Find out what it is here. The result? A luminous, just-been-kissed glow.

Make your jewellery functional
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Remember the scene when Charlotte corners Harry in the bathroom and persuades him to wear a health tracking ring?It's a smart piece of equipment indeed: its sensors can track your sleep, activity, and even your period. You can read more about it here.

Flash periods are A Thing
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Ever heard of flash periods? Perhaps not until Charlotte had one. It was Miranda who dubbed it a 'flash period': one that comes unexpectedly (even if you are in the throes of the menopause). The moral of the story? Always carry tampons.

Get to know your eyeshadow palette
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Lisa wears eyeshadow in a pretty genius way (in this shot, it's almost undetectable). Use matte, neutral or warm shades to define the crease of the eye and enhance their shape. You can find the palette Berman Laurence uses to create Lisa's daytime glamour, here.

Want to look polished? Opt for Charlotte Tilbury
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That's right. Charlotte's naturally polished, uber-groomed look is completed with Charlotte Tilbury's Cheek to Chic powder blusher. It could only be Charlotte Tilbury for Charlotte York-Goldenblatt, poster girl for pristine hair and make-up.

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