Megan Fox Uses This £38 Beauty Buy To ‘Airbrush’ Her Under-Eyes

No wonder the product has sold out 17 times over the years.


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What's one beauty product so good, Megan Fox, Lily James and Olivia Culpo wear it? Well, it's Rodial's Banana Lowlighter (of course). And Megan Fox et al are in the company of the rest of the world, too: over the years, it has sold out 17 (!) times. According to the brand, come January 2022, there were even 25,000 people signed up to be notified when it was back in stock. Now, that's serious business...

You'd be right to wonder whether the clamour is justified. First of all, the product is unique in name and nature. The 'Banana' is in reference to the tone, which, unsurprisingly, errs on the yellow side. Many find yellow a more flattering shade to highlight with than pink, including beauty writer Sali Hughes ('you won't look jaundiced (with a yellow base),' says Sali. '(Yellow is) just warm and neutral').

And you've heard of highlighter, no doubt - but lowlighter? Curious, indeed. Here, the lowdown on the product that's giving a flock of celebs brighter, smoother under eyes.

Essentially, the product is a skincare-makeup hybrid. The banana-esque yellow tone cancels out discolouration and brightens the under eye area (that often has purple or blue tones). Apply a small amount to the area and blend with your finger to fuse the product into the skin for a more seamless finish.

The lowlighter part may well sound the most confusing, but it's simple, really: the product 'highlights' the area without using harsh chunks of glitter. Essentially, it brightens and lends a touch of glow without the shimmer. The yellow banana tone naturally illuminates and perks up the skin.

For those who like their make-up to have a side order of skincare benefits, this one is also for you. There's hyaluronic acid to infuse moisture; caffeine to reduce puffiness; vitamin E to soothe. The texture, as such, is fluid and serum-like; dry skin types will particularly enjoy the way it sits on the skin (it doesn't exacerbate dry patches). The brand say the finish is almost 'airbrush'-like for this reason: it blurs, neutralises colour and gives a soft-focus radiance.

No wonder Megan Fox (and thousands of others) are on board. You can shop Rodial's Banana Lowlighter, below - while it's in stock, that is.

Shop: Megan Fox's 'Airbrush' Concealer


SHOP: Megan Fox's Banana Lowlighter

Rodial Banana Lowlighter, £381 of 1

Rodial Banana Lowlighter, £38

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