11 Of The Best Hair And Make-Up Looks In Emily In Paris

From that impeccable hair scarf placement in season 2 to those statement lips en rose

Best Beauty Moments from Emily in Paris

by Annie Vischer |

Emily in Paris fever is in the air (again). Season 2 has landed and, like or loathe its corny side, few can deny that it's the feel-good tonic we need in the midst of this angst-ridden run-up to Christmas. Bring on the berets, the croissants, Sylvie's eye rolls and let's not forget those next-level beauty looks.

The first series of the show had serious beauty game. First up Emily, who - lucky thing - benefits from Lily Collins' brows - some of the best in the business. They're big, they're bushy, they're impeccably groomed, and they're worth a whole article in themselves, quite frankly. While Lily's Netflix alter-ego sports a variety of lipstick colours over the course of the series, Emily ends up erring on the deep side of pink more often than not. That glossy brunette hair is often styled down but a ponytail makes the odd appearance: high with a few wispy strays for an effortless feel.

The Best Beauty Moments In Emily In Paris
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As for the other characters, well Camille is the epitome of French girl chic. Her make-up is barely there and understated. Her hair, slightly waved, often looks as though she left it to dry naturally. Mindy has a style that's all her own. Her hair is big and curled and her sharp graphic eyeliner is proof the character knows her way around a cat-eye-flick. And then there's Sylvie. Is Sylvie the real star of Emily in Paris? Everything about her looks expensive. Her expertly tousled hair, that glowing skin, her practically perfect make-up. Bow down.

Season 2's beauty looks predictably follow suit.

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The Best Beauty Moments In Emily In Paris Series 1 and 2 - Grazia 2021

Emily in Paris beauty
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There is so. much. to love about this image (and not just the Eiffel Tower in the back). Take a moment to appreciate the impeccable placement of Emily's hair scarf, woven into her ponytail.

Emily in Paris Beauty
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Lily Collins' brow supremacy returns for a second series. Sure, the French might not be enamoured with her Americanisms, but they can't deny the impact of that brow and beret combo.

Emily in Paris Beauty
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Ponytail alert! It's high, it's unapologetic and we love it. Paired with a Breton stripe in this series 2 still, it ticks all the boxes.

Emily in Paris beauty
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Those waves. They're glossy, they're bouncy, they're perfectly kinked, and THEY'RE BACK FOR SEASON 2.

Emily in Paris Beauty
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This one might be a little tricky to emulate at home but that doesn't mean we can't admire it on-screen. Some updos can risk looking a little bridesmaids-y bu this feels contemporary and fresh.

Emily In Paris Beauty Moments
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Camille's make-up is natural - it's a barely-there look synonymous with French women. Her hair is gently waved but not enough to make you think she did it that morning. The key to French girl beauty is in its apparent effortlessness.

Emily In Paris Beauty Moments
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Mindy's trademark beauty look on Emily In Paris involves lashings of mascara and a flick of black liquid eyeliner. Oh what we'd give to be able to master a cat eye flick like that.

Emily In Paris Beauty Moments
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There are definite Belle from Beauty And The Best vibes being channelled with this half up half down do. Emily's at her first perfume launch in Paris here and this hairstyle is the perfect match for her beautiful black dress.

Emily In Paris Beauty Moments
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Is it just us or does Emily's hair look much lighter at golden hour in Paris? Whether a trick of the light or a nifty highlights job, we can't get enough of those honey blonde hues.

Emily In Paris Beauty Moments
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Well, if you're carrying a bunch of bright pink roses, why not wear a lippy to match? And a coat too for that matter? That's certainly Emily's philisophy. We love this classic lip look.

Emily In Paris Beauty Moments
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That tousled do is enough to have us picking up the phone to our hairdresser. The layers, the higlights, the slight wave, it's all so on point it's unreal. Bravo Sylvie, bravo.

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