Tiffany Watson: Everything You Need To Know About Made In Chelsea’s Tiff

She's a divisive figure. But isn't that the best kind of TV star?

Tiff Watson

by Jazmin Kopotsha |

Tiffany 'Tiff' Watson may not be one of the Made In Chelsea originals, but she's sure made her mark. Tears, tantrums, make ups, break ups and the most on again-off again relationship we'd seen since Louise Thompson was in the prime of her dating drama sagas. She waved goodbye to the King's Road in 2017, but she soon returned. Here's a reminder of everything you need to know about Lucy Watson's little sister...

So, who is Made In Chelsea’s Tiffany Watson?

Tiff is Made In Chelsea co-star Lucy Watson’s little sister, who was on the show from series 8-14. The reality star has a Vegan accessories business, threesixfive, selling bags and diaries. Before scoring a starring role on Made In Chelsea she was a working in gift shops and was a waitress.

How old is Tiffany Watson?

Tiff is 28 years old. Her birthday is on 2 November, which makes her a Scorpio if you’re into the star sign thing.

Is Tiffany Watson engaged?

Yes! Tiff shared the exciting news of her engagement in an Instagram announcement. She is set to wed boyfriend Cameron McGeehan following his romantic proposal in Paris. She shared an image of the pair kissing with her sparkling engagement ring on full show. Tiffany gushed in the caption over her now fiancé as she revealed she felt like the 'luckiest and happiest girl ever' after footballer Cameron got down on one knee.

Where can I find Tiffany Watson on Instagram?

You can follow Tiff at @tiffanyc_watson - as expected, her Instagram game is on point.

Is Tiffany Watson vegan?

Yes! She's even spoke at big vegan conferences. Back in March 2016, she told the world that she was following in her big sister Lucy’s footsteps and going vegan for two weeks.

It seems to have stuck, as Tiffany and her sister Lucy opened a vegan restaurant in South West London in 2018, and the last series saw her launch a range of vegan leather.

Who are Tiffany Watson’s family?

Well, you’ve got her sister, Lucy Watson, of course. Tiff also has two younger half-brothers called Alife and Edwin. Then there’s also her dad Clive who is a pub and restaurant entrepreneur millionaire.

Does Tiffany Watson have any tattoos?

Yup! It’s a little Scorpio on her right wrist. For those who weren’t paying attention, Scorpio is her star sign.

Who are Tiffany Watson's family?

Her sister is Lucy Watson, also of Made In Chelsea fame, and her dad is Clive Watson, a pub and restaurant chain entrepreneur.

Who has Tiffany Watson dated?

As we know Tiff is now engaged, but she has dated people on the show. Let's go down memory lane shall we...

Of course, we all remember when she used to date cast mate Sam Thompson. But he's now in a relationship with Love Island's Zara McDermott, and Tiff enjoyed a brief romance with Miles Nazaire.

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