Meet Love Island 2023’s Ruchee Gurung: ‘If Someone Tries Me, I Will Stand Up For Myself’

Everything you need to know about the 24-year-old beautician

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The tenth series of Love Island has kickstarted, and it's time to get the low-down on contestant Ruchee Gurung. Will it be a long hot summer for the 24-year-old beautician, or an ill-fated quest to find love?

Ruchee says she is a 'relationship kind of girl', but only time will tell whether the villa plays host to her happy ever after. Here is everything you need to know about the singleton...

The public paired her with Mehdi Edno, but a twist announced by Maya Jama on night one saw her step forward when the islanders were asked, 'Could you be happier with someone else?'

Fans believe that the person for her could be Andre Furtado. One fan voiced, 'If y’all had put Ruchee & Andre together from the start (like I said) they’d be good. Now I just hope Andre can grow a spine & open his eyes to what’s right in front of him.' He is currently single after Zachariah Noble coupled up with Catherine Agjabe.

How old is Ruchee?

She is 24.

What is Ruchee's job?

No one in the villa needs to worry about foregoing a pamper, as Ruchee is a beautician. And she's happy to keep the girls' nails looking good, as long as they don't cross her that is!

Where is Ruchee from?

Ruchee was born in Hong Kong before moving to Nepal at the age of two, where she was raised by one of her aunts since her mum and dad were both working.

When she was eight, Ruchee moved to Kathmandu - the capital of Nepal - and went to an American school before later moving to London with her family.

She jokes, 'When someone p*sses me off, my American accent comes out really strongly!'

She is proud of her ethnicity, and upon hearing that there had been a hugely positive reaction to her signing up to Love Island, Ruchee told us, 'I’m so happy to hear that! There’s never been anyone on Love Island who looks quite like me – if there’s ever an Asian on a reality show they’re usually Filipino, Vietnamese or Chinese but never from Nepal. I’m so proud to be representing such a small country.'

She is now understood to reside in Sutton.

Since appearing on the show, search has spiked for 'Gurung surname'. It is defined as a 'common surname among people of the Gurung Tamu ethnic group in Bhutan, Nepal and India, as well as among other groups who are not ethnically Gurung.

What has Ruchee said about Love Island?

As a girl looking for love, Ruchee has described the show as the 'perfect opportunity' to find someone. The brunette beauty has even jumped the gun, looking ahead to growing old and having children and grandchildren... as well as a dog (she didn't specify an order!)

She is caring, loyal and a gift-giver. 'I love doing nice things for the people that are special to me,' she says.

But no ambition is a sure-fire way of turning her off, as is a guy's fashion sense. She admits, 'I also get the ick if I see a guy wearing white jeans and red trainers. Another one is super skinny jeans when they look like leggings. If I go on a date and the guy isn’t wearing something I like, I’m going home.'

She has pre-warned that she has a fiery side, she says takes people by surprise. 'They might feel like they can try me, but don't try me,' she laughs.

Did Ruchee apply for Love Island?

Instead of applying, Ruchee was actually scouted for the show and this isn't the first time that it's happened either. She explains, 'The didn't apply - the producers reached out to me. They had originally got in touch a couple of years ago, but I was getting to know someone then and I felt that I was too young to be on the show. Now I’m single, I’m 24 and I’m ready to go for it!'

And it sounds like she really is planning to go for it!

When asked how she'll deal with confrontation in the villa, should anyone go after her man or talk about her behind her back, Ruchee admits, 'I seem nice, but if someone tries me I will definitely stand up for myself. I’m not one to back down and cry about it.'

Does Ruchee have Instagram?

Yes, you can find her at @rucheewawo. Per her grid, she spends a lot of time living it up in the capital city and is partial to some glitz and glam.

'SHE'S MY FAVOURITE ALREADY!' one excited Love Island fan wrote, as another said, 'Might start watching again because of her.' A third confidently added, 'Found the winner!'

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