Three Of Mitchel’s Exes Have Called Him Out For ‘Cheating’ On TikTok

He might not have told Molly the whole truth about that 'leading three women on' revelation...

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by Aaliyah Harry |
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The tenth season of Love Islandis already proving be very dramatic, but now some drama from outside the villa is taking over. Remember those three women Mitchel Taylor admitted to seeing at the same time? Well, they actually called him out on TikTok back in January and are now going viral.

After the three women caught on to Mitchel's betrayal, they all connected online to compare notes and later filmed the hilarious TikTok. While the video was shot earlier this year, it has now come to light after the 26-year-old entered the villa. The TikTok is even captioned 'When the other women get together.'

Over a sound clip from popular chick flick The Other Woman, Mitchel’s childhood sweetheart Lauren Foster approaches a flat door linking arms with Jemma Tattersall. The door is then opened by Team GB dressage rider Erin Williams. The two girls mouth over the scene, 'I'm looking for Mark - you must be his house keeper.' Erin then mouthed, 'No I'm his wife.' The two girls then back away shocked at what they have discovered.

The 2014 chick flick The Other Woman also follows three women, Carly (Cameron Diaz), Kate (Leslie Mann), and Amber (Kate Upton) who all discover they are romantically involved with the same man. After the trio found out about each other, they all worked together to get their revenge.

Lauren has been posting a number of clips on TikTok that hint to once being in an unfaithful relationship, with one captioned, 'When you're single and know you're not getting cheated on.'

Viewers will remember that Mitchel actually referenced this situation during the first challenge on the show - although he did say none of the women were in serious relationships with him. The Islander confessed to leading on the three girls during the Wary Tale challenge, admitting, 'I didn’t have the balls to end it so I just kept adding on.' Mitchel's partner at the time, Molly Marsh, was not very impressed by the shocking admission.

Mitchel also took the chance to explain the situation before he entered the villa - but said it was two women, not three. 'To be honest with you, I went through a patch of dating two… well, I broke up with both of them but I was still speaking to both of them at the same time, single,' he said. 'Then two found out that I was speaking to them both.' When pressed about if he had ever cheated, he said no.

Mitchel added, 'In Sheffield, I've not really got a good reputation. I've dated quite well known girls and then since I've dated them, I've built up a rep but I'm not a bad person or anything. I feel like I'm a very nice person but if they're not the one - I'll cut it off.'

When asked by ITV for his ‘elevator pitch’ for why someone should date him, the Islander said, ‘I thrive on being a gentleman. I’ll shower you with flowers, I’ll take you on dates, I’ll fill your bedside drawer with your favourite sweets and chocolate. I’ve been single – I’ve had my fun and now I want to settle down.’ Hmmm.

Currently Mitch is coupled up with Molly, but after Zachariah Noble started to make a move on her, their relationship has been rocky. During last nights episode Mitchel and Molly hit pause on their blossoming romance after bombshells Leah Taylorand Charlotte Sumner entered the villa.

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